Almost 9 hours later, my Killer Instinct Season 3 update has finished

And my shows are on now, just my luck, but I hope to get some playtime in tonight, should have had a preload for the patch, but ‘that isn’t possible’ anyways, how is everyone liking it so far?

If it makes you feel better I’m still downloading. About 3 hours at 48%. Fine by me I’m watching others stream.

3 hours 48 percent, lucky you. I played one game while it was still installing, Arbiter is going to be VERY confusing to use.

Not really because the only one I can use it Jago lol! !! Just turned on the Dojo mode to pass the time.

I wish I could use Arbiter I can only select him as a training dummy. Can’t wait to try him.

Mine was done in about an hour at most. Damn, your internet must be slow AF. XD

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You would think, but not really, I installed Ori DE in under 2 hours, and thats about half the size of the update.

Don’t know about OP but I live in the sticks. Only Internet is satellite or mobile.

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Then there must be something wrong. What are you downloading it for? Xbone or PC? Dunno if that matters, but mine was on Xbone and I didn’t use it while it was downloading/updating.

do you use an Ethernet cable? my downloaded faster than that while watching youtubes and twitch streams

Xbox One, its finished now, but its strange that it took that long.


Hey man i started my download 30 minutes after launch and 9 hours later im only at 14.2 GB out of 21.7 at least you’ll actually get to play today :smile:

Yeah, hopefully, not for a few hours though, all my favorite shows are on xD

Holy mother goose!
Do you get internet through a paperclip?! O.o

Wow…my sympathy dude.

I don’t think it has to do anything with bad internet, I am willling to bet a LOT of people are updating their game right now, which would slow things down.

Nah it’s my net, Century Link is trash lol.
4Mbps on speedtest and download is about 430KBps

That combined with bad internet.

Yeah, I guess haha.

I started at 11 am, its now 9:38 pm and its not even halfway done lol idk why downloads take so long on my internet. I can watch videos and play online just fine but downloads take foreverrrrr. Idk, it should be done when I get up tomorrow though lol

I’m at 64 %