All Time favorite movie soundtracks?

When it comes to cinema, we can get some of the best music written for these movies alone, what are some of your favorites? and im talking about soundtracks made for the movie, not a compilation of existing songs used in a movie.

here’s my top 3

  1. Lord of the Rings/Hobbit trilogies
  2. Star Wars franchise
  3. Pirates of the Caribbean franchise

Honorable mention: The Last Unicorn

In no order:

Heavy METAL!

Star Wars

Tron Legacy

:snowflake: Disney’s Frozen :snowflake:

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Dude… Just; Let it go.
(there’s a box of baby wipes with Olaf scattered about right beside me!)

… Please tell me you noticed the OP’s name is Olaf!!!

Actually, no, I didn’t… :snowman:

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The Rocky theme. The REAL Rocky theme. Not the other songs thrown in like Eye of the Tiger.

My favorite movie soundtracks? Hmmmm…


Because I’m deaf.

The Omen and Rambo by Jerry Goldsmith

In no particular order:
Star Wars
The Lord of the Rings
Eight Below
Tron Legacy
Jurassic Park
Mortal Kombat