All-Time Favorite Artists/Musicians Thread

Now who are some of your all-time favorite artists/musicians as well as groups and bands that you listened to as well as ones who get you the MOST excited, stoked, and even hyped over and at the same time who you MOST followed/followed the MOST?

These are the artists/musicians, groups, AND bands that I am currently listening to the MOST, who gets me the MOST stoked and excited over, and who I followed the MOST too:
“Weird Al” Yankovic: Have all of his albums and DVDs, books on him, a few Weird Al merchandises, and following his official Twitter account.
Il Divo: Have all of their albums and DVDs, went to see their concert in Las Vegas on one of their world tours, a few Il Divo merchandises, and following their official Twitter account.
Blue Man Group: Have all of their albums and DVDs, their VERY 1st book, their merchandises (mainly t-shirts), and saw their show 5 or 6 times already in Las Vegas, and following their official Twitter account.
Savage Garden: Have all of their albums and DVDs (to date).
Darren Hayes: Have all of his albums and DVDs.

Okay, time to be sappy… and incredibly stereotypical…

My favourite music artist of all time is Kylie Minogue.
I have a soft spot for popdivas like her, Madonna, Cher, Christina Aguilera, etc.
And even more so when their music is more electronic, like dance and house, etc.
I’m really no expert on genres, subgenres and such, I just listen to some music I like.

But Kylie Minogue always makes me happy. And because of some illnesses I have, there are many times when I’m not happy, but her music has pulled me up time and time again more than anything else. :heart:

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Bjork, Gorillaz, Marilyn Manson. I like a lot of stuff but I alway go back to those three…

Janet all the way.

Basically ‘your fave’s fave’

I’m going to break the mold a bit here and say John Williams. He composed more or less every orchestral movie score that matters including some of the most memorable themes in history. Jaws, Star Wars, Superman, E.T., Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park, Harry Potter.

My popular music likes come and go and tend to be certain songs rather than individuals.

nine inch nails

countless others

Lemmy Kilmister was my ■■■■■■■ hero. The most metal human of all time. He will be missed

Otherwise I listen to a lot of metal bands. Old Metallica, Cannibal Corpse, Amon Amarth, Black Sabbath, Dio, Death…
Even some more modern or softer stuff like Linkin Park, 3 Days Grace, or Godsmack.

Love me some good electronica stuff like Deadmau5, Vexare, Adventure Club, S3rl, and Headhunterz

Hell, growing up in Arizona left me a soft spot for older country acts like Chris Ledeuax and Garth Brookes

Check Schuldiner
Eddie van Halen
David Lee Roth
Steve Diggorgio
Michael romeo
Steve Vai
Dave Mustaine
Russel Allen

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Koji Kondo
Koichi Sugiyama (composer for the Dragon Quest games)
Hirokazu Tanaka
Whoever did the music for the Mega Man games
Whoever was doing the music over at Sunsoft during their NES days.
Castlevania composers

John Williams

Black Sabbath

…too many others.