All these skins from different editions and action figures should be purchasable for KI gold

nuff said.

filling characters limit.

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Speaking of action figures…where’s wave 2 at??? :frowning2:

I’d love that for sure.

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I’m pretty sure wave 2 is slated for Fall. They’ve definitely said, after the Spinal, and 9" Jago.

Yup, definitely agree with that. I mean, maybe make them timed deals so they can still use them to sell stuff people might want, but eventually yeah, put 'em up for sale…let everybody in on the fun.

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Can’t do something nice for some people without everyone else going “what about me?”

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Yup. Great idea. Take away the incentive to sell $40 collectibles in order to sell $1.99 skins. Makes perfect sense.

shouldn`t the action figure be incentive itself? So people buy 40$ character color with figure as addition?

I thought the incentive was to have a physical copy of the game, with a disk and a package & such.

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I totally agree with you OP, even if it’s a timed exclusivity.

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Agreed, its annoying having to buy a million different things to get all of the in-game content. If you’re going to nickle and dime collectors at least make them timed exclusives so they can be bought later on down the line.

I think wave 2 will be at EVO.

I think the golden Gargos should be available for sale *eventually

However I do feel that the figure colors should stay exclusive indefinitely. The color are a nice touch, and I don’t even buy figures with moving parts.

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Or i could buy the damn thing keep the skin and resell it like i always do with this bs, like i did with mk and get most of my money back anyway.