All shin Hisako shadows

Come for my Kim Wu.

Lets see the matchups

Shadow fun!

I dare ya!


Woot! Your Kim was a blast to fight!

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I might take you up on that Bb!

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Thanks so much! I can’t wait to get home to fight your shadow!!!

I like to think my Kim is unconventional in that she’s really a defense character but I use her as straight rush down along with surprises!

Shadow lab is my fave mode!!!

Pleaaaase do Ostrich!!! I think I love fighting against Shin Hisako a lot

You have that lethal Kim with all that dragon cancel - dragon kick - dragon cancel launching collection lol

I thought it would be more fun after I downloaded her to just fight other shadows first before trying to test her at all-
Gonna try matches as her this evening

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Are you telling me there are actually good shadows out there? Gotta try the shadow lab once more

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Thanks to the guys who challenged me- I’m not going to be able to get through all these tonight lol

Yes @AztecFury1121 there are some good shadows out there- I like watching the previous fights and seeing how my shadows react I just wish

They would add up to 5 character shadows we can use

Agreed we need more than 2

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