All in english

While I like the multicultural theme of characters speaking different languages, I personally would like a togelable option to have all of the characters speak ONLY in English. I just like being able to understand what the characters are saying without having to read subtitles.

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I just turn off the subtitles. I mean there’s really only one character that actually speaks who isn’t english…which is sadira. But I’ve memorized her lines to I don’t forget it anyway. Oh yeah forgot about thunder.

Do you mean the character sayings and what not?

Like Thunder’s Intro and Outro into complete English? I don’t think you can, that is tied directly into the character and their lore. I’m sorry. :frowning:

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I’m pretty sure they all can speak english. Just they choose to use their native tongue instead.

I know, but I think Causing is asking if there is something to make someone like Sadira speak complete English, like a toggle or something, which there is not.

Yes. Like in Street Fighter. You can have all of the characters speak their native toungs, of have them speak English. It is down to a preference.

Yes. I understood then perfectly. There is not. KI is very multicultural, with the character’s language being based on their ethnicity and lore. Not all of them completely speak in a different language however. Unfortunately there is no toggle for something like that, because it is part of the character themselves and not of a language toggle. I hope this clears up any confusion! :slight_smile:

SF only has english or Jpn. I wouldn’t mind it though. But only doing it for two members of the cast? Well…I dunno if it’s worth it. I mean Outside of those two everyone else speaks english or doesn’t speak at all.