All Hail Sadirac my new Elite Xbox One Controller!

I just purchased an Xbox One Elite Controller (yeah Return!) and I named it Sadirac (yes you can name it). It is a BEAST. The regular Xbox One controllers feel cheap and flimsy by comparison. It is so freaking precise. Those that love the DP pad are in for a treat as it has the cool swivel thing that goes on it. Every bit of it feels durable.

The precision takes some getting used to though. I jumped into Ranked and I never felt so much control.

Yes folks, the Elite Controller is Sadira approved… :smiley:


I have one too…the Diamond plat dpad is amazing fro MKX too! Did you lock the triggers down so they have the same button press distance as the rest of the buttons? I recommend locking them in. I love the weight of it and quality.

One problem though…I have rechargeable batteries for my regular controllers and the back plate that allows them to sit on the stand to recharge does not fit int eh slots of the Elite back panel. SO i have to take the plate off, and then set on the charger…or just leave the plate off all together…besides that its great.

Easy dps on the right side of the screen!? Jago approves :smile:

I have the Xbox One controller rechargible battery. Its the one that MS released that has the long charging cable that plugs right into the controller. I took it out of my current Xbox One controller and it charged just fine in my Elite. I haven’t locked the triggers yet, but when I have time, I’m going to play around with the settings. The weight is perfect. It just feels good.

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I dont like that dpad at all. But the regular one I thought was the same as the one from the regular controller but its not. Its so much better. My executions are way better than before on both sides

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I think @RGLOfficial got 1 recently too (or it was a mutual friend of ours that did - I’m not entirely certain). Either way, I’ve already ordered mine; it will be on my doorstep, likely by the end of this week.

Elite controller FTW! :video_game:

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Lock the triggers for fighting games, it makes the distance from start to finish on the trigger pulls much shorter and more even to the normal button press distance.

For racing games, the triggers should be unlocked as they work more like a foot pedal in a car.

I dont use the paddles in the back, they are not “extra buttons” only short cuts for ABX&Y.

There’s software built in to the X1 UI now that allows you to remap buttons, so you should be able to map those paddles to do whatever you want.

You can. The only problem I had with them is that they are so sensitive I kept accidentally hitting one during combat. Once I deactivated them, everything was fine.

I prefer MK pad to play KI than regular pads (including elite)

The PDP MKX pad? Didn’t think I’d ever hear anyone compliment that thing… Worst preorder i have ever made.

just try it, is way cool, is missing the audio and the buttons through the xbox menus don’t work ok but in KI it works very well

Yeah, buttons don’t work well in the menus because they register multiple presses. Good for auto triples though!

it just fails on xbox menu!!! every press is two presses, not in the game.