All Combo Enders Should Be More Visible And Satisfying

Played K.I. on the beach with alot of people.

They learnt the combo system easily as the game is very forgiving and I love that, but during the learning process, they finished combo’s early by using the heavy verson of special moves by mistake, and I had to explain this to them… but there wasn’t much visual queue.

The 1-hit and 2-hit and some 3-hit enders just appear to be regular hits…

You don’t have to change the entire screen, like how you are trying to do with 4-hit enders.

Just put a firey effect or something VISIBLE, so that not only people see these lesser hit enders, but also, so that we feel like performing them. Some flames, and maybe some audio queues too, and some additional special voice effects from the characters or something.

The way these level 1, 2 and 3 enders look… well… me, coming from K.I. 1 and K.I.2, naturally as time progressed, I don’t feel satisified ending a combo unless I have 4 stocks built up for 4-hit enders…

This isn’t cool, I should want to go for that sweet looking ender, whatever the level.

K.I. is a game that centers itself around the different aspects of it’s combo system, and finishing, is finshing. They should all look like finishers.

K.I. since its inception, prides itself as being the most visually action-packed fighting game out there to watch.

What you’re asking for is already there - the camera zooms in whenever you do an ender of any level (look at the edges of the screen as you perform the ender and you’ll see it). I even went into practice mode to check - that’s the queue you’re asking for. :wink:


That’s not the queue i’m asking for.

Plus, if you had to go into practice mode to check… then, it’s not much of a queue right?

M.O.R.E. visible and satisfying

Newcomers to the game can’t tell the difference between a 1hit, 2hit, 3hit ender or a fender if it hits them right in the face.

Ending a combo without a 4-hit ender, although it is safer and smarter, simply feels like a little something is missing.

A bit of fire, or something. Some kind of effect, that someone could say for sure… mmmm ‘nice.’

Something visually screaming combo-ender, a visual queue that you can see for sure, without a doubt, that these moves are the last few crushing blows.

Just begging the devs for some sprinkles on an already perfect cake.

It’s a different solution to darkening the background with that disorienting effect, that’s for sure.

Of course they can’t! They’re new! Most new players aren’t even going to know what an ender is, much less what 1 looks like, or even how to do it. Don’t worry about them! Worry about you! Are you having trouble seeing it? Somehow I don’t think you’re having any trouble with it.

You could always look at the KV meter - the green bars right below it tell you what level ender you’re doing. :wink:

You’re basically making my point here for me.

You’re telling me that I have to look at tiny things, to see that someone performed an ender early… I already know that!

Sorry son, but this is Killer Instinct. Combo Enders are big things.

What i’m saying here, is too simple to even argue.

K.I. 1 - All Combo Enders were 4-hit, and although that was a bit over the top, we knew for sure… and went like, yeah, nice Combo Ender.

K.I. 2 - All Combo Enders had some kind of fire effect on them. Even a 1-hit Combo Ender could be seen easily.

Not only that…

K.I.2 developers knew… yes they knew, that Combo Enders were something special.
They gave the more skilled players an option to perform the Combo Enders in frigging slow-motion!
It was simply an additional DPAD input and OH, SO satisfying!

Fast forward to today…

K.I. 3 - ONLY…yeah, only Level 4 Combo Enders get a camera angle close-up / shift. Some look good, some just look okay, and some look totally off.

Then they decided to change the background as well to a dark one with umm… clouds. I don’t think anyone likes this, it’s just… there in the game. It could use some polish.

It would be SO easy for you developers to add a visual effect to 1-hit, 2-hit and 3-hit Combo Enders.

Much in the same way that you added a subtle lightning effect to a grounded heavy attack that breaks armor.