Alernate Ultra's in Killer Instinct

While I know most if not all of you want Cinematic Ultimate or even Darker backround Ultimates like the first 2 games trust me I wanna see those happen as much as you do, As developers said over and over It will require a lot of work so I really hope the new composers for KI or even Mick Gordon (If your on here) or just someone directly involved with development can clarify how difficult is it to make Ultras? How difficult is it to make every hit be on sync with the musical beat? My Idea is that these Alternate Ultra’s will feature Special moves/Normals/Abilities that the currently Ultras don’t have or are barely featured to none at all so at least all the characters ultras will feature everything those characters can do during the Match.
(BTW i was thinking alternate Ultra inputs would be like regular enders but 3 punchs/kicks n obvi opponent in danger)
I would love to see a Cinder Air-Ultra just get launched by a dp CRHP Jumping Mk into pyorbomb (Looks like a regular pyrobomb but explodes as the shadow bomb) and as it explodes the musical notes for the bombs amp up even louder cause well u just blown TF up lol jumping HP into M traileblazer MK into Heavy trailer blazer launching you in the air again Light Dp Fired up throws bombs snaps fingers (The fired up pillars launch you in the air) you get the idea Input example: Pyorbomb Ultra - Quartercircle back 3 Punches

Skeleport Ultra for spinal You get hit by a barage of run cancles than Spinal Skeletons from one side to the other, over and over and over and as he switches sides from you he Skeleports faster and faster and faster. Skeleport Ultra - Quarcircle back 3 Kicks

TJ Combo Ultra Barrage using TJ’s Auto barrage Starts off with a couple heavies than mixes up LK, LP and MM MP and as the ultra goes on he hits much much faster the music does too in sync of course thannn BOOOOM Uppercut I couldn’t think of a acceptable input for this. I know I dragged this post on a lot longer than i intended too. I love every characters ultra and I really would like to see more ultras maybe even classic ones…Fulgore already has the Air Laser Barrage all ya gotta do is make him do that for bout 30 hits MK Plasmaport into Plasmaslice Classic Ultra right there also for Jago: Constant Roundhouse kicks into Tiger Fury. Ultra’s are Killer Instinct’s Main finishing move (IMO!) And there needs to be more of them. Jus my two cents


Maybe make the input the same but with all kicks and punches at once.