Akira from VF for guess character?

Yesterday when everybody tried to guess the new guess character, Keits said in the chat “ORA ORA ORA” …

Wtf and why ? “ORA ORA ORA !!!” It’s just Akira from Virtua Fighter.

Omg Akira in KI let’s go ! :open_mouth:


Juri also says Ora Ora Ora when doing her EX Pinwheel, so did Ken with his Ultra 1. It would be cool if it was Akira, just making the point that there are other characters that say that. And before anyone else says it, yes I know SF is not an option, its just an example off the top of my head.

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What if it’s Jotaro?..


Damn, Akira is so cool and class !

He is like Jago, Ryu, Scorpion… and it’s an iconic character.

That would be epic for Killer Instinct, best choice ever for a guess character.


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Akira sounds like a bland character, not sure who that is but I’m not sure if this character would be good for KI.

But I am open to seeing some footage of this character.

I don’t know if keits yelling ORA ORA ORA! proves anything, as that’s a common battle cry called out in Japanese language. Perhaps he was just trying to be funny?

Akira was just a guest in Dead Or Alive, I doubt two games would use him in such a short time frame. Besides, I don’t see him fitting in with what we have. We need monsters or monstrous people for KI much more than we need another “martial arts guy.”

Oh my…if Juri became a guest in KI I would lose it lol I am not a huge fan of many SF characters but I love Juri :slight_smile:

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You know, I’d be all for this if it meant that we got a remix of Ride the Tiger.

Me too, she was totally my favorite until they showed up with Laura. Now, in my mind, I’m trying to convince them to get along.

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Laura is pretty cool too, I actually like her a lot more than most of the returning characters in SFV lol but Juri is still #1 for me :smile: I can’t wait until they release her as DLC

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I love this character, and his music in DOA5 is godlike.

Akira completely defeats the purpose of guest characters which is to attract more players. Akira is a very unknown name out side of the FGC. Master Chief>Akira in terms of who would get more people to play. Am not saying MC is the guest character just that it makes more sense for MC.

Do not want.

Now Akira from RIVAL SCHOOLS would be godlike.

If it is Akira from VF that would be hella dope.

I dunno guys. I don’t think many people would even recognize this character even if they told his name. I only know who he is because after I played KI i decided to give DoA5 a shot cuz I loved Ninja Gaiden. There are like 4 Virtua Fighter chars in the game as I understand it, and i have a vague memory of teh black chick with white hair.

I think this would be more disappointing than a Leatherface guest character.

I doubt the reality of it, but I can’t stop considering Spawn as a guest character.
He appeared in Soul Calibur II on the original Xbox at least.