Agony Game

Here is now the official teaser trailer to the various diverse demons of Hell in the all-new upcoming survival-horror game Agony releasing this year in 2017:


After seeing so many teasers for this game, they should really use the tag line…

“In Agony… DoomGuy can’t save you now.”


That or “In Agony, Doom Slayer can’t be able to save you in Hell this time. Only the Red Goddess can save you now”.

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Official Demon Gameplay Trailer

Official Demons Trailer

The game Is amazing in concept, visuals, creativity… and many other ways…

…But i’m also really fearful that there will be no ACTUALLY game to play. No ACTUAL story. I’m worried that the game will just be a “walking simulator” where the entire point is to just wander around while the devs say “Look at all these cool models we made! Aren’t they pretty? Aren’t you happy you spent money to look at how good we are at visuals?”

If the game releases a HALF interesting STORY trailer, i will definitely get it!

Crap wheres doomguy when I need him? But this game does look very good and I hope it comes out.

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As a matter of fact, Agony will be releasing this year

Here’s a thank-you video now from BOTH Agony’s Succubus and Madmind Studio:

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Official Floating Forest Gameplay Trailer

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i was never so sure about playing this game. The visuals may seem to terrifying for me.

same…but that wont stop me from watching someone on youtube/twitch play it XD

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The official trailer to the official introduction AND character tease/reveal of the Red Goddess :grin: :smile: :blush: :heart_eyes:


The official announcement trailer to AND for Agony

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The official Story Trailer to AND for Agony

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All-new official Agony Mode trailer

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1st official Agony music video

2nd official Agony music video

Official Agony: Fractal gameplay trailer