Aganos vs. Cinder gameplay

I thought I’d show some really good 2/3 matches that I’ve had against Cinder recently. I think it’s a very fun matchup.

vs. @KlasiqueSkillz

vs. @swordman09

If you also have some good games from this matchup, post them here.


What do you think the matchup number is? It seems a few months ago lots of people thought it was really bad for Aganos.

Awesome fights. This is definitely a MU I haven’t had much (read: any) opportunity to see before.I also got to see Aganos’ timeout animation, so that’s a thing :laughing:

I could never play him, but I actually really enjoy watching Aganos fight. He just has such a unique approach to KI that it’s really fun to see :grin:

I guess 5-5? I also used to think it was kinda bad, but it’s gotten better since then. The sticking point for the matchup is whether or not Cinder can get bombs on Aganos. As you can see in the first matches, Aganos can prevent it with carefully spaced and timed zoning. If he does get bombs on him, he more or less gets in at angles where Aganos has no anti-air.