Aganos vs. Aganos gameplay

I have some more footage of some really good gameplay distilled into a couple of 2/3 matchups below. These ones were the Aganos mirror match, and coincidentally in the first night after not playing KI for about 2 weeks. Most of these were very close throughout and really tense.

Who said KI doesn’t have footsies?

vs. @N1ghtSlash

vs. @LiFE0NMARSx

Bonus poll:

Who is your favorite character and why is it Aganos?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Aganos

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My favorite Character is Fulgore and it is Aganos because Robots are made out of metals which are part of the earth like Rocks. AGANOS=Rocks. Plus we all know Fulgore is made of scraps of Aganos before he had to get some new rock parts.

He’s my fav 'cause he’s bigger than life itself.

That poll tho…

I think Aganos is my third favorite character in Killer instinct… Why? Because:

  1. He packs a WALLop…

  2. He can Both Rock and Roll at the same time

I’ll see myself out…


Very nice matches!! Thx for posting!

This poll is great. That being said, I like Aganos because people think they can go in when I have full chunks, then I smash them through walls like a Micheal Bay Movie.

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Ooh, that’s a good 1 - I’m going to use that 1 in the future (although I think “wall-up” is a better spelling choice)… :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure this is the correct spelling but I could be wrong :confused:

to hit (someone or something) very hard

He was adding to the pun, like putting a “wall up”. Ya both made me smile.

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Now I get it :smile:

Glad I could make you happy!

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I like and main/play ALL of the current KI characters. So in my case I enjoy ALL of the KI characters in the current KI cast/roster overall :smile: :sunglasses:

great matches. interesting sound glitch during the first match with Lifeonmars.
Aganos is my new favorite, quickest to 20 Ranked wins, I’m sorry I have no puns :frowning:

Aganos just cause punching someone through a wall or multiple walls is way to much fun. GG @LeoFerreis btw

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Cstyles45 and I had an entertaining set in ranked today:

I get my rocks off to Aganos gameplay

This is not e-Sports. You’re almost as bad as @Delriach