Aganos-related MU's that noone seems to mention: Aganos VS Jago

As I state in the title, noone seems to talk about this. I have Aganos as a current secondary alongside my current main of Fulgore. Trouble is whenever I fight a Jago with Aganos I always get cheaped out by instinct fireball or shadow endokuken. Anyone got any advice of not so much how to stop this from happening but how to minimise the chances of this being a problem? In around 5+ different matches I’ve played today I still get beat by the same very frustrating tactics that I can do nothing about.

Peacemaker. Use it to destroy the fireballs and hit Jago

I don’t understand being “cheaped” out by a move. BTW what’s wrong with just blocking?

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Yeah just block them, build meter, punish his next fireball.

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As an Aganos main, I think I know what your talking about. When I think a Jago is going to throw double fire balls or even a normal fire ball, I use Light payload assault. It will destroy the projectile, punish Jago, and provide enough time to chunk up again.

Thanks very much for the quick responses/tips, that’s very much appreciated.

The post itself was written during a session where continuously I seemed to face Jagos and other players who just frustrated me as I couldn’t seem to make any real progress with either of my two characters, which is why it might at first seem a little harsh.

I could never really get a handle on peacemaker, but I’d be willing to learn as I know it’s a very useful tool in his arsenal. I didn’t realise you could block the fireball in addition to his chunk armour, they always seemed to hit me regardless of what buttons I pressed. Would one of yuo mind testing out the idea of punishing those instinct fireballs at some point? Other than that I feel I can handle Jago relatively well, but as soon as he pops instinct they just spam endokukens and I can’t get a hit in edgeways.

That tip about light payload is interesting as well, as I didn’t realise that it can just destroy the projectile and punish Jago at the same time, thus giving me enough time to re-obtain the chunk I’ve just used.

I’ll probably post a few more threads like this with match ups that I have problems with - Kan Ra, Riptor, Omen… Etc. other than that, at least I have thing I can work with.

Shadow Ruin, L.Payload Assault are the very easy ways to neutralize Jago’s fireball Pressure even during his Instinct.

As for Shadow Endokuken you can definitely shadow ruin on reaction, or Block.

During your Instinct you can throw your peace maker, meaty his wake-up with ranged footsies (cr.HK), or Meaty him with cr.MP whilst chunked up.

For advanced Aganos users, you can use Chunkless h.ND over his normal fireballs, or use S.ND + Hold on a single fireball.

Not to mention Blocking.

Here’s a Video Depicting a couple ways I mentioned one can do to defend against fireballs while using Aganos.

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Pretty much. Keep Jago at bay, and take advantage that he has to get close to you. Just stay patient, and block the fire balls. Jago usually opens himself up fighting Aganos.

Holy crap! Completely forgot about Flicks lmao. Flick (Light Punch) his fireballs aswell so he doesn’t get any meter and you don’t take chip damage, and you recover almost immediately. Walk’N’Flick is real tech.

**Note -Flick Works on single fireballs and HP.Double Fireballs. NOT on Shadow Fireballs and I advise you not to use flick on lp.Double Endo, or mp.Double Endo.

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Thanks for the responses again, useful tips and tech all round. I’ve just realised as well there’s no topic for abbreviations, regardless of the fact that I think I understood everything (after thinking for a while and realising that S.ND actually means Shadow Natural Disaster, if I’m right). :smiley:

Actually, there was a reference to "meaty"ing his wake-up with ranged footsies and I wasn’t entirely sure what that really means or how to go about it.

In reference to flicking, as I can only flick on reaction, it’s a shame that light fireballs don’t sound any different on release, only on travel. (Developers/audio designers… wondering if you could make the fireballs sound different on release maybe?)

I’ve always found Jagos I face to be hyper agressive, as in they just rush me get a few good hits in and don’t let up. Any good moves to send them backwards? I’m aware of down HP, but I’m not sure if thats a valuable strategy or not.

On a final note, would you guys be willing to give me actual training on how to get/use peacemaker? I’ve never really managed it and I know it’s a really useful part of his strategy.