Aganos color 10 suggestion

I hope and presume Ultimate Source will do a Aganos figure in the near future. I know I want one. And I guess the first batch will come with a exclusive color 10 like Shago and the rest of the first wave of characters.

If it happens I would love to see that the rocks Aganos is made of are BIG different jewels. Like a diamond, emerald, amber, ruby, sapphire, topaz and/or zircon for example. The stones/jewels would be transparent like Glacius ice shell and as they are in real life. I think they could keep the same shape as his current rocks, like they where raw and unrefined directly from the ground, maybe have some dirt on them too. So they would not be cut like jewels are in rings, necklaces and so on.

Anyone with me on this :slightly_smiling:


I can dig it. After all, if Color 9 is mostly gold, Color 10 should be even more precious of a material.


Color 9 is gold? Cool.

Diamond aganos!!

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As far as I understand it’s suppose to be Gold, but I’m not sure if it’s confirmed by the devs.

@Fwufikins Hehe yeah that’s was what I was thinking a little when the ide came up n my head

I’d love a Black Obsidian =) Not a fan of bright coloured gems - other colours of aganos already too bright for my liking. Diamond might look too much like glacius.

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Obsidian Gold is obviously the Only Choice. If the graphics permit they can make his hand Diamond.


OH MY GOD YES! Yes yes yes!!

Platinum Aganos
Pearl Aganos

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I know this is an old topic, but I’d love to see an obsidian Aganos with gold armor and silver vines on him.

Doesn’t Obsidian Agi already exist in the form of Retro Color 4? Color 9 I believe is gold and platinum.

I’m thinking more in the lines of crystal Aganos, myself.

Diamond and gold Aganos.

Every time you flick with lp or slap with mp: b*tch please, I’m fabulous!

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