After a couple days in the new ranked leagues my opinions

So for the past 3 days I have been stuck in gold with maxing out close to 200 points. I have been fighting some pretty legit players and the matches have been really intense and rewarding when I win because I had to work damn hard for it sometimes I would notice my heart racing.

I had a pretty smooth transition from silver to gold but now in gold my over 2.0 win/loss ratio is now to a 1.0 or less at times. Even after being Killer in the previous league and also realizing right now that some top 32 guys are still in gold and it will eventually even itself out I like these changes because this is what my games have been telling me,

I am not ready to really take the mantle of Killer. Although some might say I am and I obviously was before for those who know we or check my profile for the cheevo my gameplay is not really consistent. I use Tusk, Shago, Arbiter, Rash and Maya all for different situations and who I feel I am win with but sometimes I regret the pick either way sometimes I win big and sometimes I lose big but I never really go on a tear or a streak in gold or while I was a Killer. This makes me realize I still have SO MUCH to learn and so much to master. I see anlot of guys having over 70% win ratios and win being less than 50% after losing so much says a lot when I compare myself next to the real Killers.

Although a lot of people are complaining about losing their rank I am not going to be salty about it because it is an eye opener and a motivator for myself in a way because I know I can be so much better than I already am with the right advice, knowledge and practice.

This time when (not if) I achieve Killer rank again I will feel a lot more accomplished everytime I see the rank below my name instead of just seeing it as a mere title but an accomplishment.

Nontheless when I face Rico or someone for my Killer promotion match Stay Tuned™ for my rant about losing 200 points.


Heheheh xD

Really? 'Cause I don’t think I’ve ever been saltier (ask @RGLOfficial - he heard me screaming through the Kinect). I’m either a) losing to stupid stuff I’ve never lost to before, b) losing to players that are godlike, and c) stuff simply isn’t working the way it should.

A good example of the latter is on wake-up. As an Aganos main, I have a pretty effective wake-up with shadow ruin, and a great anti-air one with shadow natural disaster. For well over 6 matches in a row today in ranked leagues neither EVER WORKED. I would do the input but be beaten out by sweeps, pokes, or jump-ins. I’m sorry, but watching shadow ruin get stuffed from anything other than a throw when it’s practically supposed to be even better than in S2 and basically invincible just grinds my gears. It’s even worse when I can hold the shadow natural disaster only to be kicked out of it by, of all things, a jump-in attack. Even when I did hit with the roll, it never recaptured like it was supposed to, even though my timing was perfect - the oppnent would fall so slowly that I would automatically zip underneath them. Heck, there was even a time where I actually hit them after they fell and it failed to recapture - they just fell to the ground, rose quickly, and punished me from behind.

I had to take a break before I was going to break… :worried:

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my romp through Gold - feel like I’ve gotten much higher quality matches than I did in the old system as a Killer. I actually don’t think the grind is too bad. I’m at like 650 points or something now, and that’s really after only about 2 or 3 hours of playing. :slight_smile:

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I hate you! (jk lol).

I am super salty all the time man I get to almost 100 points or 200 then get matched up against TexAce, InfinityThanos and other pro star guys in a row and all my points go bye bye. I feel like maybe because of my region or something idk I live in Chicago (excuses) I get matched up with some real high level dudes idk if they is just a lack of gold players but I get matched with more Killers and silvers then gold sometimes.

I am hoping right now that later on in the week others catch up so gold can even out a bit more and I can start going positive lol I am going to just actually hit the lab for more than 5 minutes for once in my life to work on new stuff because just playing basic ain’t cutting it for me anymore.

Trust me I am salty as can be but I am just taking it with a cup of coffee because I have learned a lot playing against some good guys although I do have those matches I rage and want to break my stick when I lose to some guy holding up and me dropping combos or dps and aa not coming out right due to frustration lol.

I am currently fighting an inner battle for peace within my soul to not pull a Sanford Kelly the next time I lose to some BS :smile::tired_face: