Advice for music issues

Since you refuse to add more stages to Killer Instinct season 3, how about making two changes/additions to your next update/hot fix:

  1. Add a random theme option to music select when selecting stage.

  2. While playing survival mode, program the music settings so that when fighting against Rash or Mira for example, they play their actual themes instead of Kan-Ra or Jago’s themes.

That’s all.

P.S. But seriously, add more stages. Oh and add Ultimates into the game.

EDIT: @FinchoMatic Sorry. I sometimes have a habit of calling it like it is. Got rid of “you’re getting lazy”.


Word of advice. Typically when you request something to be done, you be respectful. You’re not being respectful, rather, you’re coming off as disrespectful.

You saying

isn’t going to get anyone to listen. Please change your attitude.

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I mean its almost like they didn’t just port the game to PC and overhaul the graphics across the board…

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Aside from the disrespect, i agree with both changes, and was going to request them myself soon.

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