Additional poses and dialogue

Just got into this game. Been loving it.

One suggestion I have is it would be nice to see at least a few more start/win poses and dialogue lines for characters. MKX really nailed it with the extensive, (somewhat) dynamic dialogue between characters, but even if it was like SFIV where you had 2 or 3 per character and one special pose for their “rival” or other story-related character points that would be cool.

I’m sure many people skip this stuff by hitting START in online matches, but it would help a bit with immersion to not see the same thing repeatedly to mix it up a bit. Especially if people will be jumping into a highly replayable story mode with Shadow Lords on the way. Make them additional unlockables or something.


Yeah that is a really cool feature in MKX, especially for lorenerds like myself who like to pick out little nods and references hidden in some of them. Like the one where Raiden reveals Reptile’s real name is Syzoth? Lawd yes give me more lol

I think it would be cool and couldn’t hurt, I would be all for it. It’s probably pretty expensive to do though.

Definitely agree, just for variety it’d be nice to have extra poses or at least different lines of dialogue.