Additional audio cues for S3 and other feedback

Ahh i see… maybe the same sound effect as when you pick them up Halo? Could be pretty neat, while also not clashing with other cues.

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I don’t think Halo grenades make a sound when you pick them up… :confused:

It’s the sound of an ice cube hitting the bottom of a plastic cup.

do you have a clip you can post here so that we can see if you’re right? :smiley:

I was specifically speaking about the sound that happens in Halo when you pick up grenades. I don’t have anything to confirm for KI. Just curbing the thought that it doesn’t make a sound.

Should’ve clarified.

Let’s try that post again:

do you have a clip (from Halo) you can post here so that we can see if you’re right? :smiley:

at about 6:30 in this clip, the player picks up a plasma grenade, not sure if you can tell over the commentating and effects of the game.

One more clarification, I was specifically talking about frag grenades in Halo 3. The link @DoobyDude has is the current sound for Plasma grenades in Halo 5.

I see. @SightlessKombat 2:27 in this video for what he’s talking about, its quite faint.

Huh. Go figure.

Ah well - I’ve no issues with being wrong :smile:

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