Adding new featured Achievements/Challenges

I don’t know how many of you remember but back when KI released it was supported with Featured Achievements on a weekly basis. This ran for nearly the entirety of S1. Basically what this meant was they added non gamerscore achievements every week to KI and you could only unlock them in this time frame. For example. Get a 5 game win streak in ranked. For completing these we were awarded a small amount of KI points for doing so.

I’d love to see these return. Obviously a small amount of KI Gold would be nice but i’d be more than happy if these came with new Concept Art. Especially seeing as we can set them as wallpapers now. I love my Day One Killer achievement in KI which was a featured achievement.

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I asked about this during a Textual Stream once, and Ishmae1 had indicated they were looking into both this, and tracking Achievement progress in the app.

Hopefully both of these return!

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App, as in the Achievements app on the Xbox?

There should be a triple ultra challenge, or other challenges with slow motion, or powers disabled, maybe instinct unavailable, or vice versa, mix, etc

Also, Stage challenges like puddles or holes or lightning that stuns

Yeah. In Season One, each achievement showed a progress bar and completed % to indicate how close you were to unlocking it. It got lost somehow in the translation to S2, and I hope they can bring it back.

Nice one! Glad he replied. Hopefully it’s included when S3 drops.

We need something! I’m tired of Survival!!! We need Classic tower for S1 and S2… one with Aria and shadow jago at the end no matter who you choose…and no survival style energy loss…i cant stand that.
More achievements, more modifiers, more everything!
Story mode is one and done… besides that we have survival, and ranked/shadows.
THe XP challenges are cool but who needs them when your already maxed out at 50??? Why even bother? the XP goes to nowhere

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It is not possible to perform a triple ultra without instinct.

@rukizzel Player and Character XP should not have a cap at 50…I don’t understand why this has been done? Why not leave it unlimited to show your hard work? MKX doesn’t have a cap on player XP? Faction XP stops at 50 I believe, but it doesn’t stop going to your weekly faction…I don’t think?

Anyway… leave the XP unlimited and add more to the XP challenges! Why not? Its already there, ready to go! THere may be enough challenges set up already… People don’t do it because they are maxed out, so it’s pointless.

Please IG remove the cap so we can have a REFRESHED mode called XP challenges!!! You have changed the cap before from 30 to 50…so how about make it go up to 1,000?
PLEASE!!! This can help keep us busy until Boss Shago and S3!!! We need more content, we are dying over here with just Survival and Ranked. ( No one is playing Shadows but me LOL)

I could go without the “challenges” kinda glad they’re gone.

If I remember correctly, during one of the live streams when somebody asked about the achievement tracker we were told that if they wanted to put it in we would lose all our current achievement progress.

True but why not add it to new achievements when a new character releases? The progress on those is 0 on every player

I wonder if its possible to put tracking on the achievements in-game? So they don’t have to change it on the outside? Like would that have the same issue? I dunno, just a thought.

That sounds cool to me already

Rather than make a new thread; any chance we can convince you to push for the return of Challenge Achievement events, @TempusChaoti?

Especially with Shadow Lords and whatever the so-far-secret multiplayer mode is comig up, there’s probably a wealth of Challenge fodder to be had.

It’s certainly nothing critical, but these were always fun to see in the Upcoming list, and to try to unlock when the time came to do so.

These are achievements that should burn in hell and stay there.