Adding new characters

Wouldn’t it be great to add more fighting characters to the game such as Spawn or Ryu from Street fighter for a possible Season 4? Let the developers know this would be great

Spawn is a comic book character…

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He was in the XBox version of SC2, so there’s sort of a precedent for him in fighting games (no idea what the licensing relationship between MS & whoever owns him now is though).

Ryu, on the other hand, is too diet-Jago for KI. I’ll pass on that one.

In general, I’m all for guests so long as they don’t get all Smash with it. More than we have now, for sure.


He was in SC2 for Xbox so let’s go with that variation.

Ryu is a no go for me but Spawn would be cool.
If I could choose one, it’d probably be Death from Darksiders 2 or Doom Guy from DooM 2016.

If I remember correctly NRS has dibs right now, Spawn may actually appear in Injustice 2.

The Axe thing works for SC, but ignoring his native abilities would be an extreme waste of potential.

I’d like Spawn for Killer Instinct. The green and black dude goes with Xbox so well. Its funny you mention Darksiders 2, I got taht game not to long ago. That would be a very very odd choice imo. Not only did the game way underperform in sales (which the whole point of a guest is to go with very popular franchises to get their fanbases to come in, right?). Even Doom Guy would leave a sour taste in my mouth. Pick Master Chief and give his retro a Doom Guy costume. But I’d even rather have that Halo Brute in my opinion.

My most desired guest is a Shadowrun Character. Its a Microsoft IP, its cyber-punk, its highly regarded, its relevant, it has a very passionate fanbase, and the two universes fit together like peanut butter and jelly.

I would love to play as spawn. I think KI would be just the venue he could grow into. As for Ryu, and scorpion, and Joanna dark would make the game too cliché. We bring in too many highly establish guests and KI will devolve from something unique into another smash bros. Ryu doesn’t need to guest star, he has his own game, scorpion has his own game, Joanna dark would be a literal joke, she is a marksman not a hand to hand fighter. We pressed the envelop enough as it is with Raam and Arbiter, they both have their own games bit as a fighter they found a home in KI. I believe spawn as a fighter could find himself a home in KI as well.

I want IG to redesign Omen as Ori from Ori and The Blind Forest.


I’d quite like a tekken character as a guest from one of the competitors. Could tie in nicely with the release of T7.

I’m a fan of guests to be honest so I’ll no doubt be happy with who we get. 5 original and 3 guests for season 4 would be nice.

Isn’t Ori an MS owned IP? I’d vote Ori for guest character over a skin, personally.

Yeah, I just hate Omen as a character with all my heart. And then I’m supposed to be even happier about him, like they call him a Bonus. Before I bought Ori and The Blind Forest I tried to pretend like he wasn’t in the game.

Ohh, that’s unfortunate.

I’m of the complete opposite view of Omen. I think he should have a Saturday morning cartoon (is that still a thing?) and be on cereal boxes, myself.

A “retro” would be nice though. Or, better yet, an updated costume so his current incarnation can become the retro.

Spawn or Scorpion would be awesome

The game is missing an unsightly female. I’d like to see a huge B, like from duece bigalow.

I would love to see an Ivy type character that uses a whip… Ivy was my all time favorite character in Soul Calibur. :smiley:

I personally would rather see brand new characters created by IG instead of guest characters.

Same here. I wasn’t implying that Ivy should be a guest character, but have a character that uses a whip like her. :wink:

I agree with you. I’d like a whip user like that as well. I was more directing to this topic in general about how everyone keeps asking for more guest characters. I say why when we can have those slots saved for new characters created in the KI lore