Adam Isgreen said it best!

In the recent interview with CrazyLCD (Thanks bubby). Adam made a great point. “Dont be elitist”. All I see and hear mostly from the “high level” players is that everyone is garbage, everyone guesses and know body earns their wins. It boils down to someone using combo assist or what every excuse if they lose. You win in a match and you get a message about what you did that made the other player lose. “if you didn’t do X you would have been beaten” type jargon. I feel that players just should just be more open to different play styles. Acting all high and mighty just because someone does something you dont think is “the way you should play” is silly. just respect the player. if you lose, then deal with it. No need to harass others or call them garbage and stupid. Just a thought. Then maybe more people will embrace K.I. At least not feel discouraged.


I agree with the sore losers bit but you can get sore winners aswell. I think the community is getting better and bigger. Respect is a 2 way street

I Get Hate Mail When I Win, I Get It When I Lose. It Doesn’t Bother Me At All. I Just Love Playing KI…Always Have, Always Will.


Well I don’t talk smack unless its in the spirit of good fun, however I never go off if I lose or win. I just say good game and take it light. I know not all have that demeanor and feel offended when others tell them they are trash when they win or when they lose. I so get this is just the way people are, but so may fail to except a lose. No credit can be given to the next player…

Me to man, but I’m sure not all have that poise. I just get tired of excuses Haha. I play to win and blame myself for losing, not the opponent.

When I lose badly or on a bad streak , I tend to walk away for a wile the calm down. Cause I’ll end up taking more beatings :joy:

Me when fighting boss shadow jago during season 1.

just set messages to friends only and you are good to go.


The “guess breaking” rants always make me chuckle, it’s ROCK PAPER SCISSORS for gods sake. XD

Yeah basically. No point in being an elitist. Doesn’t help when other people are trying to have fun.


I can’t stop guess breaking. I can.not.stop. guess breaking.

It just feels so good when you guess right all the time and you break every attempt at the first opportunity even though that rarely happens.

Stop guessing and start paying attention you scrub! I must also stop talking to myself on public forums and start taking my own advice.

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If they spent the same time helping people understand that they do moaning the game would do better. lol

Personally i feel we’ve put TOO much focus on prize pools and competitive play.

id like to see a little more focus to general gamers. Of course combo assist has helped allot but even general advertisement could do wonders.

lol so ture!

Guess breaker!!!

no you fool i just read your basic pattens!



This is what I feel is the truth behind the guess breaking. its like a feeling, you know very well what the opponent will do. basically more of a read. I break manuals a lot most because no one counters those. and a lot of the time heavy linkers means heavy manuals. 20% guess 80% common senesce. haha.


Exactly! I mean what the he-ll is a guest break anyway? I mean if you think about it, at any point you decide to do a combo breaker or counter breaker for that matter, you’re “guessing” what your opponent is going to do, deliberate or not…you’re taking a chance. Either you’re going to be rewarded or wrecked for it.


Allll of this!!

You know if someone is going to go str8 into light autos sometimes like it a slight desperation. You can also guess some people’s habbits

Newer users will use mediums its all patterns.

I dont get the problem with guess breakers thats life! Isnt the whole game guessing what your opponent will do next?

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I kind of view them as COD players, to be honest XD

People that lose and then blame their loss on tactics from the other player and not themselves are the worst. I get it, it is frustrating to be beaten by play styles you don’t usually see or something you think is cheap/lame, but it is on you as a player to learn to adapt and get around it.

Combo assist is fair game too. Like Maximillian said it really isn’t a big deal, doing long damaging combos isn’t the only thing that matters in fighting games. An experienced player with good fundamentals is going to beat any new player just pressing buttons with CA on.