Achievement assistance

Thought this’d be the best place to post. I was wondering if I could have assistance to enter this thread for free stuff friday. I need to get Hisako’s and Eagle’s instinct ones and most of the others are for Shadow Lords. If there are any others I think of, I’ll post them here.

Any help would be much appreciated, or any tips maybe if no direct help can be given.

For eagles instinct achievement go to the dojo and put infinite instinct on and just use any normals on the dummy and allow the bird to get 10 hits on them to get it.


Have a friend or family member do the achievements for you.

Do you need help with actually getting the achievements, or help with screen grabbing? I might be able to help with one or both. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the tip, it worked. :slight_smile: Now just have to get the screenshot uploaded somewhere and link to it.

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Thanks very much for the offer, it’s greatly appreciated. I have one obtained now, so just need to upload it somewhere. I’d still like to get Hisako’s instinct achievement, which I tried to earlier today and had no luck with. Tips for that are appreciated as well.

how do i post my achievement from my xbox one