Account reset to level 1 :(

PLS help :frowning: I booted the game yesterday and lost everything on all characters and my account is now lvl 1 again. I purchased the game years ago on xbox but now play on xbox app on pc. I have season 1 and 2 gold. All the characters are still there they just don’t have anything unlocked anymore as they are all lvl 1.

So far I have tried:
Going to windows settings for apps and restting KI
also just flat out reinstalling.
Both didn’t seem to help at all I am still lvl 1

Hey man, good to see you posting here on the official forums!

You’ve done all the right steps so far, so perhaps this is a server-side issue?

Does anyone else have any further troubleshooting tips? @KRAKENJIMMY, perhaps?

Did you see any message that said trouble syncing save data did you want to use off-line data instead?

The first time this happened there was a brief popup but honestly I hit enter before I could read it because I thought it said “trouble syncing save data would you like to continue to wait? (reccomended)”. Anyway now I am in this situation. Anyhelp would be appreciated.

There could be a service outage but if you did sync the off-line data when you’re safe state was in a weird place that maybe a problem. Send me a direct message and see if things come back tomorrow. I will get back to you in the afternoon (if not) when I’m free at work so I can walk-through options with you

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@KRAKENJIMMY its been 2 days now I assume its the other thing that you mentioned. I dunno how to DM you on here as I am new sorry! Looked around couldnt find it lol. If you could give me some options would be great how to deal with the situation.

To direct message him, click on his profile. Towards the top right, you’ll see the button for “message.”

Good luck man, I hope your stuff was not overwritten!

Generally speaking, if one ever sees the “trouble syncing save data” message you mentioned, is it best for them to opt out completely and not play until resolved, or is it safe for Offline play?

Anytime you see can’t sync data/ try again or use offline It is recommended to only click try again. Sometimes multiple attempts will work.

It is recommended to never sync off-line data.
Additionally if you ever see it’s taking too long to get your save data In relation to being tied up by your other console (or pc ), Never synced to the last known save data.

This is a general recommendation for everything not just KI.

The issue is that if your save game is in a bad state let’s say it’s not fully uploaded your local save may not be valid anymore.

Anyway no matter what game I’m playing if I see something about save data not syncing or use last save, I hard quit out of my Xbox or my Win10 game every time.

Most of the time it’s a service interruption abd your save will start working as normal at some point but unfortunately if you’ve clicked off line or last data there is a good chance your save is affected.

That said, I will work through looking at if anything can be recovered (we have helped people before). We will work through this on direct messages.

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Thanks for the reply @KRAKENJIMMY, and for helping out @DJDeftMonk!

For myself, fortunately, I’ve rarely had sync issues. Over the holidays my ISP was down for a few days, and I played some Mortal Kombat XL on my Xbox One X offline, and it synced up fine once the net was restored.

It did ask me if I wanted to replace the file in the cloud with my local copy, and I selected “yes” since the local copy was more recent.

In your example, if your console had the most recent save and then you take it offline (say to play in a tournament/friends house whatever) or your internet is down, this is what should happen. And you get the ‘latest version conflict’ as you mention.

This is still stuff I try to avoid (I used to travel a ton with my consoles and hotel net not always stable) but at least this is what you expect to happen.

My advice here is when it makes no sense stop and quit. Definitely watch out for prompts when things are taking too long so nothing is accidentally selected.

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Ok this is now resolved with @DJDeftMonk getting progression restored.
Thanks @Juxtapose13 for tagging me- and we just fixed a bug 2 weeks ago on the forums not sending out emails when you are tagged in messages so I will always try to respond when I see these.


Thanks for your continued support!