Accidental thread

(accidental thread)
(accidental thread)


There is like, NO grace period. I was holding block forever

But i guess thats still my fault in a way

(I went back and frame-by-framed it. It ID consider my instinct presses as a buffered HP.)

(BUT IT WAS STILL BS. I can guaranteee that the grace period is less than 20 frames)

If you double tap instinct very very quickly, the game will not queue up a heavy attack. But yeah, if you wait like… 20 frames or so, then press a button, it will come out.

20 frames is just a guess, maybe it’s less and maybe it changes depending on the character. But yeah, try to just press instinct one time if you can help it.

Also as a pro tip, shadow and special moves will supercede your button press. So if you are mashing during instinct freeze and then finish with a special or shadow move (before freeze ends), only the special or shadow will come out.

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(I dont need this rage right before a tournament attempt)

Better you learn the lesson in a casual match rather than in tournament though!