Accessories UI cleanup?

I had some thoughts about this before, but being a lapsed player I never really addressed them. Now with Season 3 upon us I’m back, and I’d like to share how I think some parts of the customisation menu could be tidied up a little bit.

Let’s start with the colours page. Currently they read in vertical columns and in numerical order, which just seems so alien to me. Here’s a picture taken when I got Shago’s bonus colours to illustrate the current layout.

Note the colours are out of order as well, as unlocking something via a Season 1 holdover, KI Gold or a promotion makes it “skip the queue”. Excuse my mad MS Paint skillz, but what if we just had the colours go in numerical order and read from left to right regardless?

(I considered changing it to a 3x3 grid but then I remembered, additional colours would break it.)

So, onto accessories. In Season 1 we had four columns, one for each accessory set. It made sense at the time, but for today’s KI it just wouldn’t work.
Season 2 changed this to have the accessories be on different pages, but they read going down vertically (which put the Ultra accessory on a different column). When Season 2 brought us different colours, it kept this “vertical order” fashion and it all became a bit of a clutter:

Wow I really should play Orchid more. But hey that’s what happens when you lapse.
Anyway, to me this seems to be quite the cluster. Here’s my proposition to tidy it up a bit:

Row 1: Default/Ultra/Special (now you see why I picked Orchid)
Row 2: Accessory #2 + Colours
Row 3: Accessory #3 + Colours

Since Accessory #3 has five colours (why is that anyway?) maybe the row could “slide” as you access it?
Or maybe the whole grid could be brought left to make it 5x3, which might be more beneficial in the long run should we get even more options.
Or course, if default and/or Ultra accessories ever get their own colours than the grid might even need to become 4x4 or 5x4 to get them all on screen at once!

So, what do you think? Obviously being knee deep in development of characters and modes this would be far from high on the priority list, but I think it’d be nice just to get things a little neat and tidy further down the line.

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Liked your idea. :wink:

I think they could go further with this than you think. In addition to your (admittedly great, IMO) suggestions, they could also clean up the in-game store pages, where you’d have player-card emblems, taunts, and backgrounds in a weird order - it’s sorted by characters, which is fine, but then half way through you get the default non-character choices, followed by other characters. This shows specifically where DH left and IG came in, but makes the whole thing look really unorganized.

I know it might be hard to pull off, but @developers, I really do think that the ideas in this thread are worth exploring if you haven’t already done so… :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I had some ideas about that too but, you know, baby steps. Also, Spinal and Fulgore’s icons/taunts coming after the miscellaneous ones has actually been in there since Spinal dropped.

I was thinking maybe select your character (or misc), and then select the icon or taunt.
Also, the taunts could be in a list format from top to bottom rather than the way we do it now.

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