Absolute Battle 8 "Top 8" tournament stream!


Did you still want some more action after that Mayweather fight, I definitely recommend watching this top 8!!! There’s great action from Aganos, Eagle, TJ, Eyedol, Riptor, Raam, Fulgore, Glacius,Sadira, Sabrewulf, Mira, and even Kim Wu!

Thanks for making the thread and links man. Seems like no one cares to share this info anymore beside you and I. sigghhhhhhh… I really wish others would put forth some effort. Especially the players taht are at the actual events!

Was that you that made the post on FB about Monroe LA?

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I uploaded it to YouTube so that such footage isn’t buried in the sands of time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YKIqep_SiLE


I actually just got done watching it on your channel. It was a GREAT top 8! I just wish the guys would do some Ultimates in tournament.

We tried, but Ultimates weren’t downloaded on the machines. @FallofSeraphs76 and yes that was me! :wink:

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Also, once we knew when we’d be on stream, we sent out some tweets for others to watch!

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Were you the Aganos player?

And I wish I could have watched it live, but Absolute Battle just wasn’t on my radar this weekend. I am watching Injustice now though.

Yep … I was one of them. Unfortunately I was the one that did NOT have mu experience with strong Eagles lol. Letalis was the Aganos player to watch, dudes a beast (and also plays other characters)! After watching the tapes and seeing my mistakes, and then watching Letalis handle the mu, I look forward to fighting Eagle again! But man, I was salty af for a while. I’m straight now tho! :slight_smile: I’m sure you’ll enjoy watching the KI archive. There really were some super hype matches!