About those Level 4 Enders

I have a great idea. Why don’t we let Season 3 come out and actually try them before losing our F-ing minds? K thx.


Your kind of logic doesn’t belong on the Internet.
I’ve my pitchfork ready to go


I came here to complain about you posting yet another thread on this, and then I cracked up. Thanks for the good laugh.

Still, probably needs to get merged into one of the trillion existing thread. Lol.

I’m still laughing though.


You never use logic on the internet. The moment you do,it isn’t the internet anymore.

pretty much agreed

Ok. This brightened up my day a bit. So excited. About to pre-order! Let’s Go!

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Preorder isn’t up yet:( .

I can’t like more than once…It’s driving me crazy.


I have the same mindset as you. IG has earned it with their response to critical feedback. However, We have KI going to PC and launching in a few weeks. Whether it’s gameplay, visuals, or concept of value, first impressions matter. Look at SFV and how much their lack of value for the casual consumer hurt sales. It won’t matter within the FGC community, but Capcom as a company strapped for cash can’t afford bad launches. Only time will tell if they make it in the long run or their assets will most likely be sold off like a ton of once great AAA developers in the last decade.

Poll shows a divided community. But as I’ve experienced in other communities like Halo, a small but influential vocal minority is more than enough to ruin the perception of a game. Halo 4 was hurt by the competitive community’s insistence on maintaining game mechanics as close to prior iterations of Halo. Halo 4 tried to do different things such as sprint and packages like COD. The competitive scene hated it, they were very vocal about it, and hurt competitive Halo. In Halo 5 developers looked at numbers and saw that local split screen was on the decline. They removed it to ensure Halo could be 1080p 60fps and revive competitive Halo again. Little did they know, that small demographic who used split screen would be mad as heck and voiced their opinions. Halo 5 is probably the lowest scoring Halo game with consumer reviews because of it.

Like I’ve said there’s division in the community. There’s a lot that like it, there’s some who are indifferent like me who wants to see what IG can do because they’ve earned it, and there’s some that really really hate it. They hate it so much that they’re threatening boycott or leaving the KI scene for good. My fear is that this change could hurt KI more than a hiccup in crossplay with PC and XBOX One. It’s already happening now. People who hate it, are using their social network to express how bad they think it is. If this feature is in launch and is still the same quality as we saw in the stream, you can bet they will express their hatred even further. Perception of the game will get hurt. It will be a domino effect that will first be just in the KI community, then the FGC, and then the gamer community who will bring in the XBOX or KI haters and trolls.

I know I’m going into slippery slope fallacy territory, but I’ve experienced it in other games I loved. 343 did so much great work in terms of graphics, forge, story that it’s a shame that the perception of them is that they’re bad for Halo. I think it’s best as a business decision to either hold off on the new visual until it’s at its best or dump it entirely. The drama is already is cooking, I don’t want anything thing else to stir it even further.


This is a great post. I appreciate the examples of how a small part of a “fan” community can basically kill their own game.

Unlike Halo, KI isn’t a game that is going to keep getting made if it doesn’t meet sales expectations…

I think people are overestimating the impact of a poll on whether you like the enders or not, If I were to vote no to the enders, that does not translate to me dropping nor degrading the season 3 product, i’m still going get it and just not cash out level 4’s, and that does not at all affect my experience… so when the poll, which shows much more people actually like it than don’t, and also where people are indifferent which technically means whether it is introduced or not their still getting the game, is being use to say its going to kill KI… it really is laughable

My opinion is from the perspective of a casual scrub :grin:. I’m very new to this community and fighting games in general, but I’ve been keeping up with KI and forums because it was one of my favorite games in my childhood and its new iteration my favorite fighting game. I’ve seen some of the other controversial issues here.

There’s been a lot of controversial issues in KI with vocal minorities such as retros, portrayal of female characters, stages, breakers, etc. But the minority was not to point of destroying their own community. I was getting strange deja vus from my experiences in other communities that I hope it doesn’t happen in KI.

That’s a scary thought…

Hasn’t one of the complaints with the level 4 enders in their current implementation is that they cause potential gameplay problems?

Especially the blackout causing a player to lose track of exactly where they were on the screen?

I don’t know.

It seems like something they might need to address before season 3 launches with that thing in place.

As we’ve seen with SFV, backlash/first impressions can hurt a game.

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progression prevention!

sounds like BS to me lol…

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It’s what both of them pointed out.

This reminds of Fulgore’s stage being too red and causing issues, thus the saturation was changed in season 2. Keits even pointed out the problems it caused for him personally due to his color-blindness, which I agree.

It’s best to take caution in regards to whatever affects players.


That’s what people keep saying. I’m really finding it difficult to believe though. Especially considering this is a complaint coming from watching a stream not actually playing the game.


Toggle will be added in patch 3.1 :relaxed:


I agree with you on Halo sadly, in fact at least compared to this forum, the 343 community are the biggest collection of entitled and salt filled people in existence. I bet you dumped water on them and they will melt. (…maybe…)

Granted out of all folks against thte lvl4 enders your’s are the most reasonable and at leas tyou’re not spouting like everything you say is true.