About those KI Comics announced a few months ago

Any news about them? I’m pretty excited to see what they will be like. And i wonder if Rash, Arbiter and General RAAM would make an appearence in em. Maybe an explanation on how Arby got in this universe. We saw how got into KI’s Universe and RAAM could get out of the underground just like how the locust’s did in Gears 1.

Guests are non-canon in KI universe. I don’t think they will appearance in KI comic.

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This will never stop being disappointing.

@TempusChaoti - PORTALS, man! Just sayin… <3

I know, it’s more about licensing than anything. No harm intended by this post

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Way ahead of you guys:

-Zenek :wink:



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I already have them ALL… well the 1994 series. Even got one of my extra copies signed by the Dev team. Ill post a pic one day

If you want the old series go to Mile high comics.com

Hopefully it doesnt get cancelled like scalebound or released on December 31st 2017.

They DID say that the official all-new KI comics will be releasing in the quarter of 2017