About the new Multiplayer mode:

Looking at the Shadow Lords mode I’ve noticed in some screen shots in the opponents there’s two oppnents.


So do you guys think it might be some kind of new team mode? tag or not I’m not sure, but I am excited about the idea!

what do you guys think?

As cool as it’d be, it’s probably just going to be two matches separately.

The idea of a tag team mode sounds awesome but I can’t really see it happening without dragging out matches passed the 2 minute mark. Here’s to hoping it’ll happen though.

I will assume that you fight both at once so perhaps the timer resets after one is beaten? that’s only if of course it follows the team elimination formula from KI Gold.

However that being said what do you think the new mode could be?

A tag team mode would be KILLER lol I don’t understand how these newer fighting games don’t have it when MK9 (an xbox 360 game) was able to do it quite well

If you’ve got 3 members on a team that are all red-barred from the beginning of the match, team battle sounds VERY possible. It’s also not a stretch to disable, or extend the timer.



The only character that might cause an issue with this is ARIA. She already has a Marvel vs. Capcom styled tag-team function.

Aria’s health could be modified to fit the requirements, but I’m afraid no one would want to play as her as she’s already very fragile.


It may not have to be tag-teamed.