About negative edge timing

So, I know this has been discussed in the past, but I’d just like to bring it up again to see if there is really no way this could be addressed.

Right now, the negative edge in KI is so “lenient” that it’ll cause unwanted inputs to happen if you’re going for some strict timing inputs with manuals, most specifically light manuals which have to be canceled pretty quickly because of short hitstun.

An example of a situation in which this happens to me with some frequency is linking a c.LK manual into a leaping slash medium linker with wulf. Sometimes, randomly, I’ll just get c.LK > shadow leaping slash.

From releasing c.LK and pressing MK in a time window that’s too short, the game will link the negative edged LK input with the MK one, and I’ll get a LK+MK input for the shadow move. This is especially bad now, when going for c.LK flip out into leaping slash overhead setup.

Is there really no way the negative edge timing could be reduced or something like that? =/

Thanks in advance for any answers!