Abnormal Fighting

So I’ve been thinking, has anyone ever tried to fight without ever breaking out a combo? Just a fight style out of the norm of KI, just to see if you can do it. These are the things I try to accomplish if I feel like it:

Win without any combos
Win by just using a single punch or kick
Win by using grabs/throws only
With Glacius, win by having my opponent jump into my hail (I have no idea why players do this, they’ll jump into my hail that I’m holding, then they’ll jump over me again even though they clearly saw me put another hail up)

People jump on your hail cause they prefer to get hit once and get knocked on floor than eat mixup into double shadow cold shoulder.

As for topic, I see no point in restraining my options. Game is complicated enough.

LoL… have you been completely dominating your opponents so well that you need to tie one hand behind your back for a challenge ?

I’ve been playing since 2013, so I need to find ways to have sime ridiculous fun. Yes I’ve been dominating many of my opponents.

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But what’s the point of jumping into it a second and third time? Why not just throw me? How long have you been playing?

Well… Kudos !!! I envy you.

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That’s because many of them are still learning. Once in a while I’ll get someone I can’t beat.

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You seem pretty confident in your skill, I wonder how good your Glacius is. I don’t think we’ve played before.

Skill also don’t entirely correspond with how much time you have played the game, with the exception of beginners.

I don’t know what kind of players you play, but I don’t know why they would jump after being knocked down. If they are trying to avoid crystallize and there is hail, they should probably neutral or back jump. But it depends greatly on the skill of the player and their experience against Glacius. You’re probably going against inexperienced or stubborn players who don’t understand or respect Glacius’ tools.

As for me, at times when I’m bored. I usually just play characters I don’t play often. But I remember one time I played as Raam and tried to win with only using kryll attacks. It was a long and grueling match. Only won once. It was funny though, the guy was laughing as well.

I’ll occasionally go for a DP only win. I do it to go easy on people yet they still get mad saying i didn’t go easy on them…