Able to Play Online for a Few Matches and then Its Stops Working

Yeah so I’ll create a lobby to make sure the online is working and if the lobby creates it works so I’ll go on ranked and then I’ll be abke to play at least one to a few matches… After that the matchmaking will be at a stand still and then when i go back my game will freeze so i exit the game… I wont be able to open my game for a bit but once it opens again i create a lobby to make sure and this time… Online doesn’t work… Unable to start multiplayer match. Can anyone tell me what the issue could be here? I already have teredo address obtained and i did the firewall stuff afterwards too so the online does work but for a minimum time and its getting annoying… I need a solution

I’ve had this happen on my X1 when my internet disconnects. At that point I do a reset of all the components (modem, router and X1) and it works fine. There may be something wrong with just one component, but I’ve never bothered to check because I think its just better if everything starts fresh after a reboot.