Ability to choose you character`s gender?

What do you think about a feature that each character in given FG would have 2 versions: male and female, like its done in RPG games?

Moveset and frame data would be identical, difference would be in visuals only.

How about instead of reanimating a character for their gender and have the same moveset, how about we just make a new character instead. Why make a female Ryu with new animations but the exact same moveset when you can make a new female character with a new moveset?


I actually think this would be a cool idea for a game. A fighting game rpg. Combine the structure of Shadow Lords with Kreate-A-Kombatant. Definitely an interesting concept. Not for KI though, as it’s own concept and game.

There are lots of RPGs (Dragon Quest 9, Dragon’s Dogma, Legend of Grimrock) where your entire party is customised, which is great for emergent gameplay. This is mainly due to them having a lack of concrete background. In some story-driven RPGs (like Dragon Quest 4) only 1 or 2 main characters have customisable genders because the supporting casts’ genders can be vital to their background or come up in some quests.

In FGs that wouldn’t be so much of an issue due to stories and backgrounds revolving a lot less about relationships and family ties, except for occasions of 2 playable characters who have had children together (Johnny and Sonia in MKX, etc).
I think it could be feasible for a lot of FGs, even if they need to make one gender canon to sell merch. It would allow for more audiences to appreciate each one.

It would certainly be cool and interesting - even if it was kind of a dream match situation which canon ignores. Remember the original design for Abel in SSF4?

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Doesn’t Soul Calibur have this type of character creation?

Oh hell yeah!

I had a visual dream one day of a kaiju game where you can customize and create your own kaiju right down to the color of your projectile sort of following the Godzilla Destroy all Monsters Melee style kind of game.

Still be cool to have a game where you cna customize some of your fighters. But I’ll only get behind the idea if all the fighters can be as possibly diverse as KI’s cast for example.

IDK if such a thing would be possible though since it will be a good, long ■■■ time before it can become a serious thing.

@LaughingElefant They do…but it’s a 3D fighter which is no fun. I’d rather see something like this as a 2D Style type of fighter.