A Valkyrie character

From my understanding the next character is going to be new and I was thinking of a Valkyrie.I will give a little story on Valkyries,They are female warriors who serve the norse god Odin and he commanded them to strike down evil. Now where does KI fit in this? Well something cool like a Valkyrie will be cool it overall fits the story of KI but what do you guys think of this? Perhaps you can tell me her moves and such.


actually if aria ever completes her desire to upgrade her body into a organic body as well as find and utilize the final upgrade her creator hid from her i would like aria 2.0/human aria to become that valkyrie character.

ever since she was first made she was inspired by them and the song Ride of the valkyrie by the famous classical musician Wagner. its how Aria first created her motto of dragging people kicking and screaming into the future. valkyrie did more than strike down evil, when there was a war valkyries would be among the battlefield picking and choosing the men to live and the men who died, dragging only chosen heroes who died to vallhalla.

since aria is manipulating genes to make her ideal body the valkyrie aria could even have organic wingstoo


Ah I see so what your saying is Aria wants to be a Valkyrie?

Essentially she’s already a Valkyrie albeit a robotic one.

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I see well I got someone to main.

true but if they ever intend to upgrade aria or think about making a winged armored female then they already have a cool base story progression with Aria desiring to be currently building organic bodies


Blue Valkyrie is now “it”


But isn’t that Arias booster body?

Either I missed that part of the lore, or you just made it up. Why would ARIA want to get an organic body when her artificial one makes her immortal and able to be everywhere at once?

No really it’s in both her expanded bio and in the novella.

She wants to be organic to see the world through a mortals eye. She wanted to understand the phrase “To see a World in a Grain of Sand And a Heaven in a Wild Flower, Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand And Eternity in an hour.” it’s from a poem from a pretty famous dude William Blake

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Holy Hel (spelling intended).

I want Arianna now. Your description has made me more enthused than any other suggestion since Slither (the gorgon submission by @xSkeletalx).

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Wow, that sucks. I was hoping she was better than that.

Omen is totally going to hijack Arianna.

What makes you say that? You can’t lead someone to greatness if you can’t truly understand them. From the beginning aria never truly understood humans and the only way to do that is to become one…or at least become a organic.

Why do you think it would be better if she didn’t want to do this?

Because she’s better than a human. Getting a body would be a downgrade.

Does the human form require her to delete her
AI self?

not particularly. cybernetic bodies don’t have the human senses of smell, touch, taste, etc., which i would say are pretty fundamental to the human experience. i personally wouldn’t be very happy if i couldn’t smell fresh plants, eat tasty food, or hug my girlfriend and feel it, even if i could suddenly solve any problem at once with “logic” lol.

even if you have limitless intelligence there are some pretty nice advantages to being a human being.

anyway i’m glad this thread just reiterates that ARIA is the coolest character in the game

No. It would be like creating a USB drive of yourself and putting it into a different laptop instead of your normal desktop.

Then again ai aria and organic aria may forever be changed and different from each other so much so that they could be at odds with each other later as organic aria gain new emotions and experience that ai. Aria could never predict.

Knowing this aria may delete the original data before going into the new body to stop this from happening if she truly have faith in her choice to become organic

Not in our world. But in a world where something like ARIA can exist, why not?

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Especially within the realms/domains of science fiction and science fantasy as well as cyberpunk and anime :wink: :slight_smile: :grin: