A tips system that would help beginners learn fighting games

In thread “this is how we grow our community?” TempusChaoti posted that fighting games are especially tough because there is no ingame tips or other people to help you.

This gave me an idea. How about implementing system that would coach/give tips to players based on their mistakes?

For example:

  • When you get hit by jump-ins: “you need to improve your anti airing, enemy successfuly performed X number of jump in attacks”

  • When your unsafe pressure led to enemy punishing you: "you performed too many unsafe moves, check up on frame data tutorial and try to utilize you character’s safer moves (system could also give character specific tips)

  • When your EX moves whiff/got blocked or used wrong: “you need to work on your meter management, also specific move is recommended to be used in X scenario”

  • When you did well but enemy figured you out and adapted to your strategy: “you used attack X too often and enemy adaped, improve your mixups”

  • When enemy outzoned you: “learn your character’s ways to counter projectiles, stop crying about spamming”


I think it’s doable to certain extent, and would give new players reassurance from developers that given situation is normal and they can overcome it, so there would be less crying on forums.


I don’t think beginners like confronting tbe fact that its possible they might actually suck at something.

Obviously players who have already made a commitment to getting better will appreciate and maje full use of this system.

But many others don’t like the hand holding and are gonna bail… especially if they can’t ignore or avoid this system.

Here’s the big one that initially stopped me and stops everyone I know from really getting into fighting games:



Becoming good at a fighting game requires time and patience. If an individual isn’t committed to both, they won’t get better.

This wouldn’t work so well since in a fighting game each opponent reacts to techniques differently. A tick throw can work wonders against one opponent, yet cause punishment to a more adaptable player. But just because you got punished for tick throws against one opponent doesn’t make it a bad tactic against someone who falls victim to it.

Not to mention the tips could be contradictory if an opponent uses a trick to give an exception to the tip in question. (Trying to AA a safe jump setup, Hisako’s rekka SC into S.Influence to make unsafe pressure safe, Instinct cancel a blocked S.Projectile for added pressure.)

There are way too many variables to consider writing for a newcomer to even read about. Even the in-game tutorial provides in-depth learning tools that answers many questions, yet cannot cover every situation due to lab creative players. Making tips as you’re describing would be too convoluted for most newer players to understand or obtrusive for veterans that have a character weakness.

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One thing I’ve done with my kids to help them start out is have them go into practice and work on doing fireballs. Typically I’ve had them do it until they could perform 10 in a row. Other than that, I mostly just gave moment to moment coaching on what would work better in any given situation.
Anyone that’s played against my son @Thunderb3E in the WTF tournaments can confirm he’s no slouch.

im training a buddy from absolutely nothing to top 100, walking him through everything. Might be a good watch for those just coming in =)


Sounds interesting. I’ll try and watch :slight_smile:

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