A third shadow lab slot for a third season?

You have two shadow lab slots after two seasons… and you got a lot characters in growing in the game c’mon…

EDIT: a bunch of these first post start talking about things that aren’t shadow lab slots before I renamed the thread

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Gargos is the SHADOWlord. I think he counts.

The shadow lords mode should bring one more shadow slot

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We do have shadow characters for season 2 and 3, season 1 shago, season 2 omen, and I guess season 3 is gargos since they are having trouble making another shadow version of jago. I guess super mega ultra shadow jago

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Well, the shadow character for each season thus far has been the ninth “bonus” character.

Someone posted a great idea in another thread of having Omen possess Eagle and sort of reanimate him. He could be KI’s Frankenstein character to an extent. Maybe he has Thunder’s Phoenix projectile as well. But beyond that could maybe swipe an animation from Fulgore (like a command normal), an animation from Omen and then have his own, completely unique “Shadow Eagle” move set. Maybe they even go the extra mile and for his retro, actually change his look, his move set and have him just be “Eagle.”

I know that’s a lot of work (basically designing two characters for one bonus slot), but I’d love that for a 9th Shadow character a lot more than Shadow Orchid. That’s of course assuming Eagle’s not already the unknown 8th character.

Wasn’t… he talking about Shadow Lab and getting a third shadow slot?

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yeah I put ‘slot’ in the title and the post, I don’t know how that turned into Shadow characters. Guess I’ll re-name the thread

Gotcha. Those silly peoples. :pensive:

Yeah, at least a third would be beneficial. Personally, I try to craft a team of mains, usually around six characters for a variety of play and fun. So I would personally suggest six slots.

Or we could go for broke and just say a Shadow slot for each character. :grin:

Bruh. Why isn’t this still a thing? I WANT A THIRD SHADOW

I was trying to find some high-cost (500 SP+) shadows to practice against and there are very very few. Even 250 SP shadows are rare among the less popular characters. I’m willing to bet if higher level players had the ability to make more than 2 shadows, we’d see a lot more. As is, the shadow pool is so small. We need more shadows. I really don’t understand why it’s so necessary to limit the number of shadows, from any kind of “gameplay” or “balance” perspective. Only thing I can think of is just to save their server disk space or something, but I can’t imagine these bits of data taking that huge amount of space.

If IG doesn’t want an explosion of shadows, they can at least add an SP requirement for making more shadows (similar to how you need 500 SP to make your 2nd shadow). Make a 3rd shadow require like 2000 and a 4th require like 5000 or whatever numbers make sense. That gives another personal goal/achievement that someone can try to work towards, thus adding some more interest and incentive.

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