A theory on the next guest character

I really want to be RAAM or Skorge from Gears… And with GoW 4 releasing it should be a nice cross promotion.
So I checked the GoW ESL schedule and the grand finals of S2 is TBA in April 2016… It should be perfect time to announce it, in arbiter fashion during halo finals.


good find. I think, that’s exactly what is going to happen.

Not going to happen, at least for S2 - devs already mentioned that there will be ONLY 2 guest characters, and they’ve already been announced (Rash and the Arbiter). So, unless they drop a mega-bombshell and were trolling us, it’s simply not going to happen.

Besides, as great as guest characters are, I don’t want the game to be overladen with them. This isn’t Smash Bros…

I thought I heard of 3 guests, but I could be wrong. Yes, even I’m a huge fan of GoW, and I’d love to kick arbiter’s ■■■ with RAAM, I think 2 guests are maybe too much and I prefer some new blood.

who said that? My bet is still on Master Chief, Skorge and the 4th Carmine brother.

Well, you ARE wrong (at least for now). It was announced early on that we would have Rash as 1 guest character, as evidenced by his September preview, 1 other guest character, who was recently revealed to be the Arbiter, and returning characters Kim Wu and Tusk (the latter of which has yet to be revealed).

There is a lot of speculation going on, however. For example, it is speculated that Gargos may be a playable character since he seems so central to the storyline in S3, even though he hasn’t been officially confirmed in any real capacity outside of the game’s story. People are also clamboring for other story-based characters such as Maya’s sister or Thunder’s brother or the Babyloniant king, even though none of these have been confirmed in any capacity either. They are even clamboring for a previously unused vampire character that was discovered from the concept art/files from previous KI games, as well as Eyedol, a boss character from said previous games that the devs have admitted to being hard to design around, so he himself may not happen even though so many fans want him to happen…

So, by all means, keep speculating, but use what we already know instead of just making wild guesses. In other words, make an educated guess, not a shot in the dark. :wink:

Where did they mention that? I think the number has never been specified aside from “multiple”.

Yeah, the only thing that’s been said so far is “guest characters”. No number given.

I’ve never heard them come out and put an exact number on guest characters. It’s always been “guests” plural, but nothing indicating that it was specifically “two.” Unless I’m remembering wrong.

Well, I was sure I readed somewhere on this forum they were doing more than 2 guests. So as I never readed (my bad) the devs told the guests were only 2 it wasn’t for me really a shot in the dark.

Also English is not my language (Italy) and I apologize if I sound rude or arrogant but I can’t modulate my tones in English :joy::joy:

A Gears of War guest character is almost a guarantee.

A character that coincides with Gears 4 release. Possibly female.

Locust Queen…

I’m betting it all on Locust Queen.

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The devs have never, EVER said anywhere on these forums that there will be only 2 guest characters.

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I’m pretty sure that it was 2 guests, that’s what I remember from when they first released the rash beta.

There will probably be another Guest Character. They made a big deal about Guest Characters at Gamescom so it would be conflicting to hype up guest characterSSS with an S for only two characters.

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My facts are straight in this case, because no dev has stepped forward to correct me in this matter, which is something they have done in the past when others have tried to spread lies and misinformation. What needs to be straight is your attitude, as you are openly attacking me for no real reason and are also violating forum policy as a result of that.

Furthermore, I have not harassed anyone in this case. I have simply made statements suggesting others put more educated thought into it - that’s all. Don’t risk your status as a member of this community over an assumption that you incorrectly made over something so trivial as this.

“No devs have corrected me” is very different from “the devs have already mentioned that there will be ONLY 2”

You probably shouldn’t state it as a fact, when it really isn’t.

But it is fact since they have mentioned it. You can look it up! Numerous others can vouche for me on this, as well as the devs themselves. As of now, there are only 2 guest characters in the works that we’re aware of. While I’m not denying that there may be more down the road, I’m 100% certain that there won’t be more for S3…

If that’s really true you shouldn’t have any problem in providing a source or other proof which you didn’t do thus far. “Just look it up” isn’t enough for anyone in this case. And Andy’s right. It makes you come across rather arrogant when you dismiss the statements of people who are also spending a lot of time on these forums and never heard about this “fact”.

I remember of reading just “guests” , never with a number. Devs never corrected me too, but I can’t take it as a fact I’m right, it’s just, in my opinion, they don’t want to tell if guests are 2 or 3 to let us speculate some more. They enjoy it :joy:

Maybe @rukizzel can clarify this for us, was it mentioned officially there were exactly 2 guests?

Business wise it would make complete sense to have a GOW character in the game to coincide with the Gow 4 release