A subtle change that I think will have huge repercussions, Shadow Counters

So they announced in Season 3 that the window of shadow counters have been extended a few frames to make it easier to shadow counter. Now I never had a problem shadow countering before, but I only did it in obvious situations (blocked shadow moves or common block strings like jago’s forward HK).

But now people are going to be shadow countering like crazy against people who do jump in normals -> low normals, two hit projectiles, and other special situations that we’re not used to.

Oh man I’m panicking over the options and risks now.

I don’t think projectiles are shadow counterable. Jump in normals were always shadow counterable.

I new jumpins where shadow counterable, but I’m saying it’ll be easier to do now.

And projectiles are Shadow counterable??? Cant you shadow counter jago’s Instinct fireballs and Kan-Ra’s swarms?

I think Kan-Ra scarabs work differently and they act as a normal opener up close. Not too sure about Jago’s fireballs though.

I don’t really think it’s anything to worry about. I honestly thought the window needed to be opened a bit really. Jump in to normal is something you’ll have to deal with in the game, since cross-ups are a big option, and moves like Shadow Jago’s air Heavy HP and Thunder’s air Heavy HP have such good hitboxes and stun, there needs to exist a little more risk and reward to the action.

Really though, if you are throwing it out often enough to be that predictable and caught by the shadow counter, it’s a flaw in your game you need to work on. I do j.MK into crossfire with Cinder too much for my own good, and I’ve caught shadow counters, same concept of a predictable situation that I should be getting punished for doing too often. It’s just a small improvement to make it a more viable punishment.

It’s still a very risky move though to just toss it out, even if the opponent is doing nothing but mashing jab over and over, so you still have to weigh you options in certain cases, but in a game where extreme offense is a par for the course, you need a good counter measure like the shadow counter to turn the tide sometimes. It’s not like they are adding a whole half second of active frames, but just a few.

So don’t panic. Until we have the update for season 3 tested and played, there’s really no reason to get concerned about it. With all the awesome that’s being done to the game, this change is actually relatively small. The big change that really makes shadow counters good is they have sped up the startup for shadow counter moves. That means Aria’s and Maya’s SCs aren’t useless anymore, and I’ll have to modify my tactics with Cinder. Go to training, and use Maya or Aria and try to Shadow Counter his Shadow Trailblazer. Cinder can recover fast enough to block both of their SCs and launch one of his own. I’ve actually done it before, and it was hilarious, my opponent’s reaction was priceless.

I think the amount of meter it costs to perform a shadow counter means we won’t see it happen to often. I agree nothing to worry about.

You can also shadow counter Riptor’s jumping HP as well as her feral linker. Both of which are projectiles.