A scrub has leveled up! I found out how to do Heavy Linkers HaHa

I’m genuinely glad less people have mics. The folks that do, have nothing to say except online thuggery BS (from my experience).

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Saying that is saying every KI player is an online thug. Which I doubt you actually believe, which would than mean you would probably enjoy it more if more people did have mics.

I don’t. I’ve met some players who responded with GGs, and even praised my most rubbish characters. Its the ones that have mics though, raging and hurling insults like I committed a cardinal sin against them. More often than not, that has been the case and I did say “from my experience”. The players you fight against may have a better demeanor on the mic, but I haven’t come across any of those.

Yep, not gonna lie I ran into a couple losses and than the same dude twice who just had music playing the whole time and bagged me forever lol. I had to just quit after that.

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I rather like to think it’s 50/50.

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That could be the case for you, but again not in my experience. I will usually give folks with their mics on the benefit of the doubt and not mute them unless there’s someone yelling in the background or random noise that isn’t a conversation.
Edit: sorry, just realized this has gone a little off-topic.