A rare retrospective - Killer Instinct by Nostalgic Gamer

Found this on youtube. Hope you guys enjoy.

Interesting how Chris Stamper had no intent for adding returning characters to a potential KI3.:anguished:


He did a part 3? Nice! I can’t wait to watch it. I have watched 1 and 2 but didn’t know he made a 3rd one lol

This was a good watch

WWWHHAATTTTT!!!:rage:, And where did you find that info?

Super old

the video itself tells it.

not even a week away he has posted this video.

It’s called part 3 remastered lmfao

and yet people were up in arms because the original team wasn’t behind this new game. We’re lucky to have not only the entire original roster but retros costumes based on the original designs to go with it and even better brand new characters doubling the original cast.

Yep a KI without characters like Fulgore and Orchid sounds like a recipe for disaster. I am actually glad the ip was outsourced to an independent studio after reading that (well I was always glad but yeah).

Sounds like Street Fighter 3.

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perhaps this is the main reason why KI has been on coma for more than 20 years. Internal conflicts. But now that the Stamper brothers are gone would be so good to have playtonic working on KI. Chris Seavor, Chris Sutherland, Kevin Bayliss, Ken Lobb and all the good people from the original KI team who unfortunatelly was forced to move for Perfect Dark in that time. Could be awesome have an full 3D xbox remaster of the original KI as an anniversary edition as an example. The epic KI1 tournament.

I don’t know if you are referencing this or not, but the original vision for SF3 was to have no returning characters from earlier in the series. After some time they decided they needed to put Ken and Ryu back in to make sure people connected with the game. In the end, the unfamiliar characters really were a bit of a commercial disaster - although most of those same characters have now appeared in SF IV.

I’m a bit torn. I think a little freshness is a good thing. When every game has to have all the same characters you end up getting titanically bloated rosters (like SF IV and Tekken 4-6). I know no one likes to see their favorite left out, but I don’t think every game needs to have every cast member return.

I agree, I actually liked the new cast in SF3. KI however is the type of game that has too small of a cast and too niche of a following to make such a drastic change in cast at least at the moment. I’m glad they not only doubled the cast with new characters but also brought all 13 of the original playable characters back (and hopefully BOTH bosses) and even gave us a cameo of a beloved rare character. We got the best of both worlds imo.

Yes I was, If they would have made KI3 with none the veterans, Then it might as well be a different game entirely.