A Quest Mode for Killer Instinct

Or, to familiarize you all with the idea something along the lines of Street Fighter Alpha 3’s World Tour mode, or BlazBlue’s Abyss mode.

Essentially the idea for the mode is to take your character and make it contest a variety of (Shadows AI powered) CPU enemies of varying degree and with each win leads to stat points that can be changed to alter strength/speed/defense/meter gain/etc. Each of the matches having different, unique mutators to go with the CPU battle (shadow meter disabled / auto-double damage reduced / etc.).

To compliment the game’s great netplay, mix in some random encounters of online players with the CPU players for some added challenge/variety!

Unlocks could be unique accessories, titles, icons etc that can only be attained by pushing through KI’s Quest Mode.

Only if it doesn’t affect tye gameplay of ranked.

It shouldn’t. Single Player gametype.