A possible new aa

so I was thinking maybe if the character got something like his aa flick but more like an arching slap by pressing back mp to possibly help him out in certain mus. would this be too overpowered for him or no?

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I don’t think it’ll make Aganos any better. I just use standing HP or natural disaster at those ranges.

I would kill for AA flick’s hitbox to extend inwards to his arm as well, so there is no “dead zone” between his hand and his head. That would help so much.

If you wanted to improve Aganos’ anti-airing, I don’t think it would be through giving him yet another anti-air that has one use to it. It’d probably be better to just improve one that he already has.

A back+MP would be nice, because it wouldn’t lose to heavies like the flick does, but I feel like it would lead to some obsolescence across his other dedicated anti-airs.