A Noobie question for advise on char choice?

hello i’m a noobie here to the KI forums and to the Killer Instinct game itself on xbone, any advice on which char to start off using as a noob and any advice in general would be helpful thank you.

p.s. I like spinal but i don’t know if he is a good choice starting off as a new player to use ?


I recommend using jago and going through the dojo lessons to get a good grasp of the gameplay and how the combo mechanics such as combo breakers, counters, shadow counters and KV meter work.

Yeah I’d also suggest Jago. But mainly I’d say avoid characters with unique resource mechanics until you have an understanding of the base game. Spinal has skull management so you don’t want to have to worry about that while still trying to learn the game. Others with unique resource mechanics or just character specific quirks that you have to deal with:
Kim Wu

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Welcome to KI, OP! Also, welcome to the boards. Hope you enjoy both.

As far as which character to use, I’d echo the sentiments above in saying that Jago’s good to start with. Run through the dojo mode first. You don’t have to do all of it, especially the final lesson, which is rather difficult for beginners, but get through all of the basic mechanics for sure.

After that, you can either stick with Jago or maybe branch out to some of these easier characters. Mind you, when I say easy, I just mean easy to pick up, as every character has tons of depth beneath the surface, including Jago.

Jago: Easy to pick up because of his similarities to Ryu in Street Fighter. If you know Ryu, you should know some of the basics for Jago, like his fireball, his kick special and his dragon punch. That should help get you started.

Sabrewulf: His back-forward and up-down special move directional presses make him an easy character to start off with. Same goes for his combo trait, which basically allows you to press the same button over and over again before ending a combo.

Other easier characters include:


Also, don’t be afraid to use combo assist by pressing X on a character at the select screen. This will take the directional press out of a special move so instead of say, having to press d/f A, A, d/f A, A, d/f right trigger to do a combo, you can just press A,A,A,A,forwrad and right trigger.

It’s easier to do in the beginning and it gives you the general cadence to a combo as well as what it’s supposed to look like. You’ll want to turn this off eventually, as it can make doing more complex combos a bit more difficult, but as a way of just introducing yourself to the game, it can be helpful though in truth, some think it helps new players develop bad habits, so judge for yourself.

Hope that helps!

JAGO for sure. Start with Jago and try to complete the dojo as far as you can, as many times as you can. Work on the basics of defense and throws. Jump ins and throw, naked jumps to throw.

DP wake up
Shadow through projectiles
Shadow counters
Heavy auto doubles to counter breaker

Get Jago down pat…then take all that knowledge and move it to a newer character than fits your personality and preference.

And ask questions here and you will get better much faster.

Good luck!

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Oh and once you get the basics of a character down, and you feel comfortable using their move set, it’s always a good idea to hop on YouTube or Twitch and try and find some high level play using your character. It’ll take some work getting the timing down and what not, but really, you won’t believe some of the fun stuff you can do with characters once you get to know them.

Do the dojo, and try Wulf. The werewolf need some love =)
He has:

  • Very good normals
  • Nice speed
  • decent anti air
  • back forward/down up inputs
  • you can play as a rushdown or also play little turtling. Not good for zoning.
  • not good wake up options

Or of course Jago, until you find your character. Jago has:

  • good normals
  • good specials and can also zone with fireballs
  • invencible dragon puch (great for anti airs or getting out of frametraps)
  • health regen (instinct)/ fireball cancels
  • frametraps plus decent damage
  • his walkspeed isn’t the best but it’s not the worst either
  • he has wake up options

About Spinal, he seems a more advanced character. You need to manage his skulls to start a good offense with run cancels. His normals are ok. His walk speed isn’t great. Not wake up options.
Nice overhead, nice throw, nice mix ups (with skulls), teleport and nice damage overall.

Trying to build up the Lycan army @MaruMDQ?

As was said, Sabrewulf and Jago are pretty beginner’s choice kind of characters.

Regarding your idea to pick Spinal though? Why not? He challenging, but maybe challenging is the OP’s thing. See you online and welcome.

I’ll probably be repeating things but:

Jago is a good choice because he’s an all rounder, and he’s the focus of the Dojo lessons. The lessons from the Dojo can be applied to any of the characters, but it directly teaches you how to Jago.

Any of the back forward characters are a pretty forgiving choice input wise. These would be Sabrewulf, TJ, Riptor, and Cinder. Of these, Sabrewulf is probably the easiest to get into. He’s got a solid ground game and a pretty well rounded kit mixed with some nutty rushdown potential. Riptor is probably next, followed by TJ. Cinder should be avoided until you’re more confident though, since he’s a fairly complex character.

Rash is an excellent choice for starting out. He’s got some simple but powerful tools, easy beat 'em up combos by mashing lights, and most people online don’t know how to fight against him. And the best part? Dat loop able thrust taunt! (Do use taunts sparingly and responsibly)

Pick whoever appeals to you in gameplay, appearance and character. Even if they are harder to play you’ll probably enjoy it more if you like them. If you can just try to start off playing against someone around your skill level if possible. Also try out vs. Cpu to get a nice grasp for the way your charecter plays and what they are capable of (Training of course to). Then when your ready head online to stomp on some fools.

If you just wanna go by tiers I guess people cna say that. OR:

I reccomand you ask other players who know how to play that character to get an idea how he works, and play the character to so that you can get use to it.

I’d rather go with my gut than anything else really : D

I have it heard suggested once (I think it was @TheKeits that said it) that one of the best ways to find a good fit is to play each character for about 30 min to an hour. With that being said, my suggestion would to play through Story mode (not Shadow Lords, Story mode)with each character from season 1 & 2, and I suppose survival for the rest of the cast. Doing this should give you the best feel for who fits your play style the best.

On a side note I oftentimes see a lot of the comments on threads like this where people seem to overwhealm new players with tech & FG lingo & training regiments like their wanting to get the new guy from zero to pro star in a week. Chillax guys…baby steps. If he’s having fun, he’ll get hungry for more. No need to teach him the math on character X’s DP wakeup cancel just yet.

I’d say jago and tusk have the most straight forward playstyle. Use one of them.

Advice? Pick fulgore. Winning feels good.

You know thinking about it, I take back my precious post and second this one. Playing whoever you think is the coolest is a pretty good way to get into a game.

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