A new tech idea for Riptor:

I discovered a neat trick that flame carpet can be used with Flame Carpet, not as a combo, but as a way to catch foes by surprize.

Ya see, the best way to escape flame carpet is to jump out of it when Riptor lays it down. So, how does Riptor stop someone from getting away? use clevergirl the moment they try to jump. You’ll catch em’ and rip em’ back down.

You can use the flame carpet as a decoy if they try to jump out of it. Or if they don’t then carry on with what you were planning to do sould be trapped in the fire.

:> I discovered it by accident to see if I can pull my brother into the fire to keep him snared in it. I practiced a bit with it as well.

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So… You’re flipping the burger on their wakeup?


Wouldn’t headbutt still be a better option? It will still hit them out of their jump start up, it’ll lead to predator mix ups if blocked, and the armor will also counter wake up DPs whereas clever girl would be beat out.

You can also DP, block, or back dash out of flame carpet though.

Is it a non-viable option?
Is it something to be used, mix-up styles of Riptor to keep an opponent off their toes?

I said if they try to jump out of it, not DP you. I’d only wait and see what they do first. but if you corner em they can’t do much but either DP, block or jump, if they block it just gives you a chance to mix up.

What I’m suggestion is merely another option :3

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What does dp stand for?

dp means “dragon punch” really it refers to a super move that’s an anti-air that’s what we mean by DP.

I think that standing Mk or standing Lp work better than clever girl. There’s less recovery from those normals and the function is the exact same. If they try to jump, the normal stuffs the jump and keeps them in the flame carpet.

The attack hits in a downward angle and so does MP so…you have more of a chance of missing.

Now if someone is jumping towards you and I mean not over your head, and you have no time for a flame carpet, clevergirl is actually pretty useful for an anti-air.

Yeah i don’t disagree, it’s a very good anti air.
I thought you were talking about when there’s a knockdown set-up and you use flame carpet. Because I know that if you have good meaty timing, which isn’t difficult to do, then st.MK and st.LP work very well to stuff opponents trying to jump out of the carpet, and also combo unlike clever girl.

well of course that works when you’re throwing down a flame carpet. That’s common sense to me.