A little weird thing I dislike about overhead attacks in KI

I dont know if this is a bug, intentional mechanic or am I simply misinput something, but I find it annoying that overhead attacks hit me in following scenario:
1.I am crouch blocking.

2.Opponent attacks with overhead

3.His hitbox is above my crouching char’s head,

4.I release crouch while still blocking, my character stands up and gets hit.

I hope you can figure out my chaotic explanation.

It’s especially frustrating with Eyedol’s meteor and TJ’s overhead air punch (the one that recaptures airborne opponents). I feel like in these scenarios they should be blocked.

You’re probably just too slow. If you stand block in time, you’ll always block overheads. If you “try” to stand block but still get hit, you were just too late. I don’t think there’s much more explanation than that.


thank you, in heat of match it’s hard to tell, but I think its on my end.

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Also take note of input lag.