A Litany of Rage Quits

I get a lot of rage quits.

I capture most of them.

Sharing some, feel free to share yours!

And just for fun - here’s a tree I found randomly on fire:


Those were some great matches too. It’s too bad when somebody has to ruin a good moment by ragequitting. Then again, rage quits are a moment itself.


Right? Why do they have to go and make me sad? :sob:

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I never save ragequits. Lol I should, so I can share them.

Edit: OK Maximum of 4 Videos, no more. :stuck_out_tongue:


I actually had a Rage Quit moment myself (despite not recording the live footage the first time). It was just a friendly exhibition match, just your typical Shago vs Jago match. Everything was okay until I hit an Ultra Combo and my opponent disconnected completely.

I thought to myself, “Really?”.

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RQs in exhibition boggle the mind.

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This post painted a huge satisfied grin on my face. If you can’t stand the heat…then don’t get in the ring with a ghostly chick who’s rest was disturbed and now is seeking revenge.


Well heck , I finally decide to get into ranked and I can’t even find matches. So I’d take RQs over that all day lol.

Ok. Yeah, so I lied. Lol I did have an Old Ragequit Video.

I just realized all my RQs are from Shagos! :open_mouth:


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You have a recent one to as I recall - a Promotion Match, yeah?

Yeah. Post that one too?

Why the heck not? Help me make the title of this thread a reality! :smiley:

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