A lack of back-forward motion characters in KI season 3?

So yeah when was the last time we saw a fully back-forward character in Killer instinct

I think the last character who was a full back-forward charcter in killer instinct was T.J Combo (Riptor and Cinder are hybrids)…I was just wondering what is with their absence so far throughout the whole of season 3…I mean it is not a major issue but a wider variety of inputs for characters is nice (IMO)

Kim wu, Tusk, Rash, Arbiter, Mira, Gargos and General RAAM are all motion characters and i was thinking if there are going to be any more back-forward characters in Killer instinct

Its not a concern really it is just something I picked up on as it seems only Sabrewulf and T.J are true back-forward characters in Killer instinct and that is 2/26 (So 1 per season it seemed before)


As some one who is and has been a back forward character player since I’ve played fighting games…it’s a huge adjustment for me. This topic has been discussed before…and my understanding is that it’s meant to be easier stick users. I too wish there were more back-forward but I don’t think it’s going to happen anytime soon.

I don’t like BF or charge characters they are odd IMO


Lol wow that’s how I feel about the motion characters. That’s cool. :sunglasses:

I’m sort of fine with BF characters but I can’t stand charge characters. When I want to do my move I want to do it on the fly not being forced to wait a few seconds to do it.

i’m definitely glad they got rid of charge characters in ki, it wasn’t as bad as some other games but the way they have it set up now feels much nicer

Tbh I don’t like b-f, I like charge characters. With Guile it really felt like I was charging up for sonic boom. Just b -f feels empty to me.

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Gurl, What are you talking about?
You can pick ANY character and if you push back they will motion back, and if you push forward they will motion forward! EVERY character is a back-forward motion character!


With KI’s fast-paced combo gameplay, charge-characters wouldn’t work. It works in Street Fighter for defensive gameplay, like with Guile, but there’s no such thing in KI.

I also thought grapplers with one linker wouldn’t work.

Anyway, charging with TJ feels empty to me, forward leaps with Wulf too. But I am playing Aria so no big deal.

That’s different, because that has nothing to do with the motion you do, but rather how the move itself is performed. If you need to hold backwards for 2 seconds before you can pull out a move, how are you going to perform a combo that doesn’t even take 1 second between buttons?

True. I am no dev and how charge characters would work with buffering moves. But like I said, there are things I didn’t know could be done or would work in KI but IG pulled it off.

I don’t expect charge characters to ever be considered again, but my main character isn’t one so that’s cool.

With charge characters holding their moves is their greatest flaw as crossing them up resets their charge

But charge characters luckily have extreamly good normals in fighting games (take Guile, Balrog or M. Bison as an example)

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Different things are… Different. Some people will always prefer something different.

But there is definitely a move to roll characters. We only have one DP motion (Tusk) as well. They are adding control elements like “push all three punches or kicks” more often too. This seems deliberate in order to make the game more uniform from an execution standpoint. I’m perfectly okay with that.

It is a bit obvious that there’s no b-f or d-u moves for anyone. Gargos’s torpedo could have worked as a back forward but they made it a roll.

I’m not in love with b-f motions but they are a lot easier for my kids. So I wouldn’t mind another b-f character in the game.

I always wondered why fighting games developers choose one motion over another for special moves. Charge moves I understand are for defensive characters, but why does Sabrewulf, who has an offensive playstyle, have charge like motions? Why is a windkick a quartercircle back and not forward?
Do you guys have any idea about that?

There is no charge on any of wulfs moves they just copy the motion (but I see what you mean)

Jago and his windkick is probably QCB K because its the same motion as the hurricane kick (hence why Jago is a shoto)

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Definitely - seems DH wanted Ryu players to jump in playing Jago with familiar tools and familiar inputs for those tools. Wind Kick works a lot like a Tatsu in neutral (it’s just way, way better).

Yeah, every time this discussion comes up many people chime in on how they don’t like b-f motions. Maybe that’s because the game doesn’t have many of those characters to choose from. If they had made Hisako or Gargos or whoever your main is a b-f character from the start we’d be hearing a lot more people asking for more of those characters. But as it is now, only Sabrewulf and TJ mains are the ones that have gotten used to and really love the control scheme. I definitely prefer it to qcf motions myself.

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Don’t forget, Riptor has b-f motions, and qcb.

The OP did mention Riptor in their original post but mentioned she’s a “hybrid” compared to Wulf and TJ.

I must have skimmed over it. :\

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