A KI ranked data sheet i worked up

I got inspired by people like @DEClimax and @Ziarist who do write ups from time to time on frame data or damage scaling so kudos to them. I’m nowhere as good as most with those things, working on it. But i got curious on if there are trends that can be pulled from ranked stats? So i took some time to work this up.

Google docs doesn’t let you, least from what i’ve been able to do, edit online or allow you to utilize drop down menus placed in excel online. So for the full usage of this, you’ll have to download it. It was kinda fun to work on, and it did provide me a couple of different insights.

People have said this game is probably very balanced. There’s no ‘probably.’ When your average win ratio percentage character to character varies by like 0.4% either direction? Top character vs bottom character the difference is like 12%? Yeah, nearly every ‘game is broken’ argument just lost weight with me. Flat out.

I don’t think this should be looked at as a ‘tier list’ but more like…player strength list? Character power list? Something along those lines. From highest win ratio percentage to lowest, Glacius takes top billing which kinda surprises me. Mira taking bottom spot, realistically, doesn’t. Jago being dead middle, kinda surprising too.

When doing this, i started to wonder just what developers used to determine where a change needed to be made in characters. I would imagine if they used data like this (not counting bugs, broken moves or fulfilling a playstyle), RAAM, Tusk, Shadow Jago, Rash, Kim Wu and Mira would warrant being looked at, and in the last patches, indeed Tusk, Kim Wu and Mira saw adjustments. So would they maybe be getting further ones?

This is something i’d like to ask of character specialists. Do you know if the top players in ranked for given characters moves much? I ask almost exclusively because of Kan Ra. He’s tough to figure. There’s been debate about Kan Ra being overly nerfed, but he has MANY players in the top 25 that average higher than a 75% win rate. And he won a beatdown not all that long ago, i think.

I’m a pure believer of the thought that Mira is underutilized and has untapped potential. I’m not that good of a KI player, but i can realize her tools are too damn good to be as low an average win rate as she is now.

Unsurprisingly, the total number of wins in general goes from S1 to S2 to S3, with a few exceptions, namely Fulgore.

I’m still convinced there’s something fishy about the top Hisako player…

If something seems wrong, let me know and i’ll explain my reasoning or fix it. Math is not my strongest suit, and intermediate excel sheet crafting is worse lol. This little project just makes me wish those detailed stats that only you can see would be available somewhere.


Good data, but also has to be taken with a grain of salt because ranked play is going to include many matches vs players of lower skill levels. I imagine knowing how to play kan-ra or gargos is a great way to go on crazy win streaks in ranked because so many people won’t have any idea how to fight them. That doesn’t necessarily mean they’re good characters, though–I happen to think they’re the two worst characters in the game.

One thing though–if you’re trying to indicate number of players over 75% winrate, you’re using the wrong chevron. I was pretty confused for a sec. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I kinda figured as much. I had started with only the top 10 players and figured the same thing and extended it to the top 25 because the numbers wouldn’t account for enough players. I look at it as a very big theory crafting tool because it has so many variables. lol.

If by chevron, you meant color code, i was following the color code used on ranked, bronze for the lowest, red for the highest, though red usually does mean ‘bad.’

Chevron as in the less than/greater than symbols. Your headers for the chart say less than 75%/less than 65%.

I don’t believe so. The people at the top are those who’ve just put an insane amount of time into the game in Ranked at one point or another. I’m pretty far down on the list for Hisako, and I’ll never catch Trymyai…ain’t nobody got time for that :joy:

Oops. Should be fixed now. Thanks.

Might be a dumb question, but how are you able to get all this specific character data for each player?

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This data is available to all of us on the ranked leaderboards in KI. It’s pretty much ALL that’s offered, aside from max combo hits, which didn’t benefit this table any. From the multiplayer menu, go to Fight Archive, go to Leaderboards and that’s pretty much where i got everything.

To be honest, KI has far more interesting data that’s available only to the XBL account holder. Least, as far as i know, anyway.

Poor Mira, the ability to kill herself is really affecting that win rate. I remember on day one everyone was averaging in the 30 and 40 percent win rate whereas every other characters average was in the 50s.

I appear in Gargos data and as outliner in Aganos and Eyedol!


Yeah, after i got the first 25 or so players, i just kinda skimmed the other top 100 or so for funsies. Found a lot of people that either had high win rates, were high level players, famous practitioners, or just people i started recognizing from the forums.

I think @KevBones10 shows up a couple times, @STORM179’s Sadira caught my eye, @ItzTymeToDul’s Omen was in there, @SithLordEDP’s ARIA, @TheNinjaOstrich’s Kim Wu that has been climbing. Tons of others.


Haha. Yeah, I was a Sadira main originally. Played her almost exclusively until Hisako came out. :slight_smile:


I was happy to be apart of the top 25 Sadira players. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I stopped grinding ranked 2 months ago. If I would have continued, I probably would be in the top 25.

question. you have me listed as an outlier. why?

He went up to the top 100, and noted the people who had a good winning ratio, where famous players, or he knows them from here, the forums


@SneerfulWater57 you forgot toneriskate. he has the highest omen win percentage.

That list looks especially hard to be a part of. And with these win rates, yeah, i have to give it to the spider girl for being hard to kill.

@Dayv0 pretty much summed it up, i recognized your gamertag as one i’d seen before.

Two months ago you stopped and your’re in the 50’s? I wonder if Omen isn’t moving all that much…

It wasn’t intentional. There were a couple of people i couldn’t find that i expected to. Like i know PaulB has a Riptor, but i think i missed that, unless he doesn’t play it in the wild. Didn’t see anything from Infil anywhere, oddly.

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Yeah but 87% is a huge offsit lol I appreciate the effort.

If you want to talk outliers, look at my own data, which made me super salty. The player with the absolute lowest win ratio percentage out of anyone listed.

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