A Heart-Wrenching Confession

I had to pack up some of my favorite Halo figures to make room for KI on my shelf… THEY ARE JUST SO COOL AHHHHHH! :cry:


My heart hurts, but I know the pain will be lessened when Arbiter becomes a KI figure.

Halo will grace your shelf again…

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I hope they are allowed to do it.

You made a difficult choice, but a wise one, i’m proud my son :slight_smile:


It looks to me like you need a bigger shelf. :wink:

I hope this will happen. I don’t mind waiting a few years.

They can co-exist!


This is great lol. All the Halo figures have to stay in the package though!

I’m just a big kid and I don’t collect them for any type of Value, so I open 'em and play. lol

Make a bigger shelf!

I know! I’m gonna have to when I get money! :laughing: